FIFA 22: FUT 22 web app before release - Ultimate Team tool starts with EA Play Trial

FIFA 22: FUT 22 web app before release - Ultimate Team tool starts with EA Play Trial


The FUT 22 web app is about to start. As Electronic Arts announces on its website, the browser tool for the Ultimate Team will be available from September 22nd. A specific time is not yet available. It is believed that the FIFA 22 web app will go live on Wednesday afternoon. The EA Play Trial of FIFA 22 will also be activated on the same day: Members of the Electronic Arts online service will then have the opportunity to play a ten-hour early access version. The edition contains all the functions of the full version and thus also the Ultimate Team mode.

With the FIFA 22 (buy now € 59.99 / € 53.99) web app, you can then open the first packs, Teams put together and take part in challenges. Long-time FIFA players should once again receive individual free packs at the start of the FUT app so that they can equip their teams with their first players. In recent years, there have also been rewards in the form of coins, bonus packs and other items for logging into the app every day. It should therefore be worthwhile to regularly visit the FUT 22 web app on the starting days. Incidentally, the app is currently not working: "The FUT web app and other FIFA web features are currently deactivated in preparation for FIFA 22 and are under maintenance. The new web app will be released on September 22nd," EA said on its Website with.

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After his victory at the US Open, Daniil Medvedev collapsed like a wet sack. The tennis champion imitated a famous pose from FIFA. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1379972,1378677,1379924,1379530'; If you prefer to keep an eye on your Ultimate Team on your smartphone or tablet, you can also do so. The corresponding companion apps will appear on September 23 for iOS and Android, i.e. only one day after the FUT 22 web app has been activated. The release of FIFA 22 is planned for October 1st. Those who choose the Ultimate Edition will start their season a few days in advance. EA Play Pro (PC only) members can play the Ultimate Edition in full from September 22nd. There will be no demo for FIFA 22.