Car market Italy 2021, collapse of registrations in August

Car market Italy 2021, collapse of registrations in August

Car market Italy 2021

Unfortunately, the 2021 car market - in Italy - continues to face a very difficult period. In fact, in the month of August, a clear decrease in registrations was recorded. Specifically, only 64,689 cars were registered. So there is talk of a decrease that reaches -27.3% compared to August last year, a period in which - thanks to the incentives - 88,973 cars had been registered, numbers very close to those of 2019 (89,710 registrations).

According to the data collected by the National Union of Foreign Motor Vehicle Representatives, during the first 8 months of 2021, about 216 thousand fewer vehicles were registered than the previous year, which means that there was an equal decline to almost 20%. Unfortunately, the situation may not change, especially following the exhaustion of the Ecobonus provided by the Sostegni bis Law Decree intended for the purchase of electric and hybrid Plug-in vehicles. Therefore, this will - most likely - lead to a further slowdown in sales of electric cars. In this regard, UNRAE president himself, Michele Crisci, allegedly stated the following:

A paradoxical situation because, as is known, with the expiry of the Ecobonus, the complementary funds allocated to finance the Extrabonus remain unusable. In this way, the purchase of vehicles more in line with the PNRR's commitments to accelerate the decarbonisation of transport and the modernization of the obsolete Italian fleet is being blocked. The solution is an immediate refinancing of the Ecobonus for the 0-20 and 21-60 g / Km CO2 bands through any regulatory vehicle available in a short time, or, in an emergency, with a partial transfer to the Ecobonus of the still resources in the 'Extrabonus, thus immediately restarting the incentive mechanism and relaunching sales of pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

So, UNRAE hopes for a sudden intervention by the government to fund incentives again for the 61-135 g / km of CO2 range, in view of the near exhaustion of available funds. In any case, the only positive data recorded during the month of August 2021, inherent in the automotive market, concerns the short-term rental which records a share of 3.2%. On the other hand, registrations involving companies (5%) and long-term rental (15%) are decreasing. There is also a clear decline in registrations by private individuals (69%). As far as engines are concerned, electrified cars seem to be gaining ground, especially thanks to incentives.

Almost 1 in 3 cars registered in August is hybrid (31.7% share), with the "full ”Hybrids that reach 8% and“ mild ”hybrids 23.6%. Plug-in cars (PHEV) in the month covered 4.9% of registrations, as well as electric cars (BEV) at 5% share.

As for petrol and diesel cars, they lose almost 50% of their volumes. Not bad are the GPL models that reach almost 10% of sales. CNG cars, on the other hand, are at 3.6%.

Italy August 2021: Kia (+13.2%) only island of growth, Fiat 500 teases Panda for #1, sales off -27.1%

Kia is the only year-on-year gainer in the Top 25. Picture

The Italian new car market accelerate its fall in August at -27.1% year-on-year to just 65.185 units, leading to a year-to-date tally up 31.1% to 1.069.875. Compared to the first 8 months of 2019, the Italian market is down a ghastly -19.7% or over 260.000 units. We at BSCB forecast a Full Year 2021 volume up 13% to 1.56 million units. Private sales fall even faster than the market this month at -29% to 44.955 and 69% share vs. 70.7% in August 2020, self registrations implode -47.5% to 5.126 and 7.9% share vs. 10.9% last year, while long-term leases contain their loss to just -5.5% to 9.758 and 15% share vs. 11.5% a year ago. Short-term rentals are actually up year-on-year at +5.2% to 2.088 and 3.2% share v. 2.2% in August 2020, while company sales drop -20.6% to 3.258 and 5% share vs. 4.6%. Year-to-date, private sales follow the market at +31.9% to 662.926 and 62% share vs. 61.6% over the same period in 2020, self-registrations gain 18.7% to 105.541 and 9.9% vs. 10.9% and long-term leases shine at +42.5% to 182.784 and 17.1% share vs. 15.7%. Short-term rentals are shy at +15.6% to 61.098 and 5.7% share vs. 6.5% while company sales slightly outpace the market at +33.5% to 57.526 and 5.4% share vs. 5.3% a year ago.

In terms of fuel source, petrol sinks -49.6% to 16.294 and 25% share vs. 36.1% in August 2020, diesel implodes -55.7% to 14.006 and 21.5% share vs. 35.3% and GPL is up 4.3% to 6.237 and 9.7% share vs. 6.8% last year. HEV soars 53.7% to 20.604 and 31.6% share vs. 15% a year ago, that includes 15.387 mild hybrid vehicles (MHEV), up 58.4%. PHEV surges 96.1% to 3.199 and 4.9% share vs. 1.8% in August 2020 and BEV gains 71.8% to 3.247 and 5% share vs. 2.1%. Year-to-date, petrol edges down -1.5% to 332.771 and 31.1% share vs. 41.4% over the same period in 2020, diesel drops -11.6% to 255.769 and 23.9% share vs. 35.5% a year ago and GPL is up 39.5% to 72.811 and 6.8% vs. 6.4%. Electrified vehicles surge ahead over the period: HEV is up 218.2% to 298.069 and 27.9% share vs. 11.5% last year, that includes 229.863 MHEV, up 272.6%. PHEV is up 397.5% to 47.421 and 4.4% share vs. 1.2% and BEV is up 187.8% to 38.744 and 3.6% share vs. 1.7% in 2020.

Brand-wise, Fiat (-23.7%) contains its fall somewhat but scores a low share at 14.4% vs. 15.5% so far this year, while its immediate followers Volkswagen (-34.3%) and Ford (-31.2%) both falter, albeit Ford up three spots on July to #3. Renault (-16%) resists well and is also up three ranks on last month to #4, distancing Toyota (-3.9%) – which delivers the best hold in the Top 6 – and Jeep (-24%). Up six spots on July to #7, Kia (+13.2%) is the only year-on-year gainer in the Top 25, hitting its highest Italian ranking since March 2020 (#5). Audi (-16.2%) also outpaces the market at #10 whereas Peugeot (-45.3%) and Dacia (-32%) dive. Beyond the Top 10, Suzuki (-6%), Lancia (-9%) and BMW (-10.9%) hold up well while further down DR (+39.3%), Tesla (+57.9%), Subaru (+23%), Maserati (+63.2%), Great Wall (+137.5%) and Ferrari (+22.7%) score rare year-on-year upticks.

Over in the models ranking, the Fiat Panda (-42.7%) holds onto the top spot by the skin of its teeth (namely 37 sales) above an extremely dynamic Fiat 500 (+87.4%). Interestingly, this generation of 500 has never managed to hold the monthly pole position at home, but it now advances to #2 year-to-date vs. #5 over the Full Year 2020. The MHEV variant accounts for 81% of Panda sales this month and 76% of 500 volumes while the 500 EV holds a 19% share and is the best-selling BEV in Italy both this month and year-to-date. The Lancia Ypsilon (-8.6%) is up one spot on July to return to the third place it now also holds YTD. It’s a very solid month for the Renault Captur (-0.3%) stable year-on-year and up 7 ranks on last month to #4, a new ranking record for the nameplate. The Ford Puma (-15%) is also strong and up four spots to #5, distancing the Jeep Renegade (-17.9%) while the Toyota Yaris (+102.6%) more than doubles its sales year-on-year but drops one spot on July to #7. Notice also the Audi Q5 (+90.3%), Kia Sportage (+28.4%), Kia Picanto (+20.8%), Peugeot 3008 (+14.6%), Suzuki Ignis (+3.5%) and Kia Stonic (#32) excelling further down.

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Full August 2021 Top 43 brands and Top 50 models below.

Italy August 2021 – brands:

PosBrandAug-21%/20Jul2021%/20PosFY201Fiat9,32714.4%-23.7%1164,48315.5%35.1%112Volkswagen5,7188.8%-34.3%292,7058.7%20.0%223Ford4,5187.0%-31.2%662,0665.9%16.0%434Renault4,2846.6%-16.0%751,8024.9%8.5%645Toyota3,9936.2%-3.9%360,9985.8%60.2%566Jeep3,4075.3%-24.0%546,8854.4%39.0%887Kia2,8904.5%13.2%1329,1472.7%32.4%16158Peugeot2,8874.5%-45.3%465,6156.2%34.1%359Dacia2,5594.0%-32.0%938,2823.6%23.3%111010Audi2,4253.7%-16.2%843,3444.1%39.8%91111Hyundai2,3053.6%-27.1%1230,2432.9%44.8%151712BMW2,2623.5%-10.9%1037,3163.5%35.9%121213Lancia2,0573.2%-9.0%1632,3043.0%30.9%141414Suzuki1,7542.7%-6.0%1728,2692.7%61.9%171615Citroen1,7302.7%-60.3%1450,3314.7%32.5%7716Mercedes1,6432.5%-36.2%1134,5493.3%27.1%131317Nissan1,5412.4%-25.9%1918,7471.8%18.4%191818Opel1,4992.3%-59.8%1542,2074.0%22.9%10919Skoda1,1861.8%-28.0%1820,2631.9%35.5%181920Seat1,0351.6%-34.0%2016,2021.5%22.1%202021Mini7001.1%-25.1%2212,7371.2%34.9%222322Volvo6381.0%-42.8%2114,1191.3%38.1%212223Mazda6060.9%-16.1%238,4620.8%45.0%242524Alfa Romeo4720.7%-64.4%247,6680.7%-22.3%252125Land Rover3950.6%-24.8%258,6420.8%17.2%232426DR Motor3830.6%39.3%264,7130.4%179.0%263427Cupra3500.5%new274,0350.4%new29 –28Tesla3080.5%57.9%423,4530.3%116.4%313229Honda3020.5%-26.5%284,1800.4%11.5%282630DS2570.4%-0.8%313,0870.3%6.7%342831Mitsubishi2120.3%-25.9%342,8660.3%9.9%353132Smart1710.3%-7.1%304,5520.4%118.5%272933Porsche1450.2%-47.1%293,8760.4%0.6%302734Jaguar1450.2%-6.5%323,1530.3%43.4%333335Lexus1440.2%-39.0%333,1750.3%26.9%323036Subaru1070.2%23.0%351,5310.1%28.1%363537Maserati620.1%63.2%361,1170.1%55.1%373638Great Wall570.1%137.5%385880.1%150.2%404039SsangYong470.1%-59.8%405910.1%-23.7%393840Mahindra400.1%-57.4%376210.1%-19.7%383741Ferrari270.0%22.7%394350.0%15.4%413942Lamborghini60.0%-14.3%412220.0%11.0%424143Aston Martin30.0%200.0%43340.0%30.8%4342 –Others920.1%338.1% –5480.1%126.4% – –

Italy August 2021 – models:

PosModelAug-21%/20Jul2021%/20PosFY201Fiat Panda3,0594.7%-42.7%178,2597.3%33.9%112Fiat 5003,0224.6%87.4%233,1693.1%109.5%253Lancia Ypsilon2,0663.2%-8.6%432,3533.0%35.1%324Renault Captur1,9423.0%-0.3%1119,2801.8%44.7%1385Ford Puma1,8642.9%-15.0%924,4232.3%109.5%7146Jeep Renegade1,7522.7%-17.9%826,5722.5%61.6%667Toyota Yaris1,7382.7%102.6%627,9492.6%139.2%478Jeep Compass1,6372.5%-19.0%320,2051.9%46.8%11119Fiat 500X1,3882.1%-43.2%527,1552.5%52.9%5310Renault Clio1,3252.0%-17.1%2118,3841.7%-1.2%15411Dacia Sandero1,3012.0%-35.0%1020,3991.9%45.0%101012VW T-Roc1,2982.0%-22.1%1421,1582.0%41.0%91213Dacia Duster1,2421.9%-27.2%1217,0761.6%18.2%181514Fiat 500L9701.5%-30.4%1712,9691.2%8.1%222215VW Polo9681.5%-44.7%1514,2801.3%1.4%201816Kia Picanto9411.4%20.8%379,0680.8%72.2%364317Peugeot 30088941.4%14.6%1615,7941.5%37.2%192318Peugeot 20088931.4%-42.4%1319,2341.8%111.7%142119VW T-Cross8851.4%-11.7%717,2321.6%35.3%171720Fiat Tipo8571.3%-34.0%2712,9241.2%26.4%232621Toyota Aygo7411.1%-35.4%2011,2501.1%42.0%262822Ford Fiesta7161.1%-57.6%3612,2271.1%1.0%241923VW Golf7121.1%-56.1%2911,6271.1%8.6%252024Suzuki Ignis7061.1%3.5%2210,7281.0%135.0%283325Ford Ecosport7031.1%-14.8%n/a6,8240.6%-37.6%463026VW Up!7011.1%-31.2%387,0580.7%19.7%443527Audi Q36941.1%-0.7%2510,4121.0%51.4%303628Hyundai i106861.1%-32.3%189,1040.9%64.4%353729Kia Sportage6331.0%28.4%246,9440.6%28.5%45n/a30Hyundai Tucson6190.9%n/a3310,4121.0%125.1%31n/a31Peugeot 2085940.9%-62.4%1917,9811.7%39.7%161632Kia Stonic5940.9%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a33Citroen C35830.9%-61.8%2822,8762.1%58.6%8934Suzuki Swift5650.9%n/a409,8930.9%n/a334035Toyota C-HR5590.9%-41.3%428,8390.8%31.9%393436Ford Focus5550.9%-27.0%49n/an/an/an/a2937Nissan Micra5490.8%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a38BMW X15270.8%-10.2%329,2740.9%68.9%343839Skoda Kamiq5170.8%n/a446,2800.6%n/a49n/a40VW Tiguan4770.7%-63.0%2313,5111.3%37.8%212541Hyundai Kona4650.7%-50.0%n/an/an/an/an/a4142Nissan Qashqai4580.7%-60.1%397,5010.7%-16.8%422443Nissan Juke4570.7%-26.9%n/an/an/an/an/an/a44Mercedes A Class4560.7%-21.6%318,2270.8%9.2%413245Mini Hatch4540.7%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a46Hyundai i204400.7%-28.0%n/an/an/an/an/an/a47Audi Q54300.7%90.3%454,2210.4%79.2%n/an/a48Citroen C14280.7%-38.9%n/a7,1000.7%63.0%434949Toyota RAV44180.6%n/a506,0120.6%41.6%50n/a50Audi A34130.6%-9.2%438,4040.8%74.1%4045n/aOpel Mokka4130.6%new35n/an/an/an/an/an/aFord Kuga4080.6%-42.8%n/a9,9690.9%98.7%3239n/aBMW Serie 14080.6%-14.1%309,0410.8%67.0%3744n/aSeat Arona3880.6%-41.2%n/a6,5970.6%43.4%4847n/aVolvo XC403450.5%-49.0%418,9790.8%70.3%3842n/aOpel Corsa3160.5%-80.7%2620,1721.9%48.6%1213n/aOpel Crossland3130.5%-72.5%n/a10,6391.0%6.6%2927n/aCitroen C3 Aircross3100.5%-69.1%n/a11,1581.0%36.4%2731n/aTesla Model 33080.5%63.0%n/a3,4330.3%155.6%n/an/an/aMini Countryman1920.3%n/an/a6,6640.6%n/a47n/a

Source: UNRAE