Will RAM Memory Prices Continue to Fall?

Will RAM Memory Prices Continue to Fall?

According to the latest TrendForce report, PC RAM memory prices will continue to drop during the fourth quarter of this year. Some time ago, we reported TrendForce's forecast for the third quarter of 2021, which announced that the price increase would be lower than originally expected. This news brought some relief to many consumers around the world, as it meant that, in a world of overpriced graphics cards, at least it wouldn't be a problem to buy reasonably priced RAM.

Credit: SK Hynix Stando according to current data, RAM memories are estimated to suffer a drop of 0-5%, as “suppliers have continued to lower prices to match their stocks”. This means that the number of parts in stock continues to rise to the point where suppliers have to lower their prices to get rid of inventory.

“As for the contract market, OEMs currently own DRAM stocks quite high because they have essentially stocked many units in advance in anticipation of an imminent shortage "- says Trendforce -" Not only have DRAM stocks introduced a downward pressure on possible price increases, but the gradual lifting of restrictions related to COVID in Europe and the US it will also likely reduce overall demand for notebook computers, thereby reducing DRAM demand. ”

Credit: SK Hynix Another interesting thing to note is that DRAM inventories have been populated with sufficient stocks to last 8 to 10 weeks during the month of June, and now, for the fourth quarter, those stocks are expected to last up to 12 weeks, showing an additional hours clear signal inherent in the lowering of prices.

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