USK: New game faces wanted in Berlin

USK: New game faces wanted in Berlin


The entertainment software self-control is currently looking for new game faces: inside who want to work in the team of the test area in the future and would therefore be responsible for the testing process of a game. The tasks not only include the detailed review of a video game, but also the preparation of a presentation that is presented to an independent review panel.

In addition, the creation of a test report is part of the job at the USK. The main focus here must be on the factors relevant to the protection of minors and the content-related aspects of the game. The tests and examination sessions take place in Berlin, which is why it is one of the requirements that you have your place of residence in the capital. A minimum age of 18 years and a good command of German and English are also a must for the position. According to the USK, depending on the title, between 2 and 20 hours of work per week will be required. The preparation and presentation are appropriately remunerated - the time for viewing the games can be divided freely.


Humankind | REVIEW | Mighty 4X strategy or just a second class Civ? loadVideoPlayer ('84228', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured', 12, '16: 9 ', false, 1378027, false, 22201, 260, false, 0,' ',' ', false); Human child from € 71.56 You can find all further requirements and information in the USK job description. If you want to apply for the job, you still have the option to send your application documents in PDF format until August 29, 2021. The entertainment software self-regulation has been responsible for checking the age of video games in this country for many years. The USK license plate can be found on all titles for PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo consoles.

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Covid: Hotel thought prom-goers had negative tests before spike

Cwrt Bleddyn

image sourceJohn Lord / Geographimage captionMore than 50 positive Covid cases are linked to a Year 11 party at Cwrt Bleddyn hotel

The manager of a hotel at the centre of a school prom Covid spike says he was assured everyone had passed a lateral flow test before attending the event.

More than 50 positive cases have been linked to the party at the Cwrt Bleddyn hotel near Usk in Monmouthshire.

Manager Simon Daniel said he thought he had been dealing with Caerleon Comprehensive School in Newport over the event for 120 Year 11 pupils.

He said he now believed a parent on the prom committee had organised the party.

One member of staff at the hotel is isolating after testing positive for coronavirus, he said.

Mr Daniel said he believed the graduation party organiser had been under the genuine assumption that those attending had all received a negative lateral flow test result.

Caerleon Comprehensive school

image sourceGoogleimage captionNewport Council said the event was not organised by Caerleon Comprehensive

He said: 'We thought this was an official school prom - we thought we were dealing with the school.

'On the actual day of the prom I met up at the hotel with the main organiser that we'd dealt with, who assured me she had 120-odd negative lateral flow tests.

'If it had to be postponed, we could have postponed it.'

Newport Council said the event was not organised by Caerleon Comprehensive but staff had sent messages out to the Year 11 group urging them to get a test.

Mr Daniel said he was told by Newport Environmental Health officers after the event that the school had not organised the prom.

He added: 'I was there on the night - the event went off without a hitch...

'We've got protocols in place, procedures and risk assessments.'

He said the hotel had no control over what pupils did before and after the event.

On Wednesday Newport Council said: 'There are over 50 positive confirmed cases now associated with the prom event cluster.

'Most of these cases stem directly from the event, with some cases also stemming from a number of parties held after the event.'