[UPDATE] Mediaworld tries again: PS5 on sale starting at 3pm today!

[UPDATE] Mediaworld tries again: PS5 on sale starting at 3pm today!

[UPDATE] Mediaworld tries again

Update at 15:01: the sales queue is open!

After the unsuccessful attempt this morning which, as you know, saw Mediaworld and a stock of PS5 Digital Edition as the protagonist, the chain does not seem to want to give up, so much so that it has confirmed what was the previous announcement concerning the sale of the standard edition of PlayStation 5 scheduled for this afternoon at 15:00.

In any case, as always, we would like to remind you that just accessing the sales queue will not guarantee you the purchase of the console. In fact, you will have to be lucky and have the right timing to bring home the coveted PS5, since the Mediaworld sales system is dependent on three fundamental factors: your position in the queue, the possibility that those who are before you lose their turn. for some reason, and obviously the number of pieces made available by Mediaworld. Probably, therefore, that even if you remain in the queue for an hour or more, you will still not be able to grab anything.

Read also: PlayStation 5 | Review, the fastest console ever In any case, we invite you not to be discouraged! Both because Sony consoles still remain a chimera for the Italian market, so much so that it is worth trying every way other than the well-known and scammers of the network, and because Mediaworld is today the only chain in circulation to guarantee not only an immediate and fast shipment, but also and above all without extra charge, and without the obligation to bundle with other products which, considering the now prolonged shortage of components caused by COVID-19, and the way in which this has had an effect on the sale of PS5, it is absolutely not a factor to be underestimated.

Having said that, but given the precedents for the chain, we can only hope that you will be able to complete your purchase, inviting you not to lose your patience when (and almost will happen surely), the systems of the chain will be taken by storm creating slowdowns on the Mediaworld portal. The advice is to keep an eye on this same article in which, just as we did in the morning, we will update you on what the situation will be from the beginning of the sale.

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[UPDATE] Mediaworld tries again - BingNews

[UPDATE] Mediaworld tries again - BingNews

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[UPDATE] Mediaworld tries again

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