Uncharted: the details of the clip shown at CinemaCon of the film with Tom Holland

Uncharted: the details of the clip shown at CinemaCon of the film with Tom Holland


A new clip from the Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland was unveiled behind closed doors at CinemaCon. Here is what was shown.

According to reports from Screenrant, in the short video shared by Sony during the event there are various sequences from the film, including one in which Nathan (Tom Holland) ventures into a cave. In another Sully (Mark Wahlber) says the line "I'm offering you the opportunity to find out about things you've only read about", which sounds a lot like a "first meeting" line between the two characters.

The most exciting sequence, however, is undoubtedly the one where Nathan crashes from a plane along with his cargo (does anyone remember Uncharted 3?). In the fourth and final scene, instead, Sully can be seen participating in an auction.

The Uncharted movie The Uncharted movie, barring surprises, is expected to hit theaters in less than six months, to be precise on February 18, 2022, so there's a good chance the first official trailer will arrive from here

The cast of the film includes Tom Holland (who also plays Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home) as Nathan Drake, Mark Wahlberg plays Victor "Sully" Sullivan, while Sophia Taylor Ali is Chloe Frazer. Antonio Banderas will also participate in the film, although we do not know in what role.

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The Uncharted movie with Tom Holland sounds just like the PlayStation games

Tom Holland standing in front of a building: Tom Holland in Uncharted © Provided by TechRadar Tom Holland in Uncharted

The first images of the Uncharted movie, coupled with the decision to make it an origin story about young Nathan Drake, didn't make us overly optimistic about the adaptation of Sony's popular shooter games. But according to those who have seen the first footage of Ruben Fleischer's film, it's a lot closer to the source material than we previously thought. 

Reports on the first footage of the movie are coming out at CinemaCon, where Sony Pictures has been showing off a de-aged Alfred Molina in Spider-Man: No Way Home, as well as a first look at its Spider-Verse sequel, among other things. Uncharted stars Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, with Mark Wahlberg – once cast as Nate himself in a previous iteration of this movie – as Sully.

According to io9, the footage of the movie showed off two iconic moments adapted from the games. In one, Nathan stands in front of a pirate ship in a dark and watery cave, a scene clearly designed to evoke one of the open world sections in the dazzling Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. 

Another moment, though, sounds even closer to the games. Uncharted 3's signature set piece – where Nathan Drake gets dragged out of an enemy cargo plane while in mid-flight, hanging on for dear life – is apparently in this film, with Holland flung out of an aircraft in a similar fashion. Overall, impressions of the footage seem pretty positive.

There's not a lot else to chew on from what was revealed – just Wahlberg's Sully asking Holland's Drake if he wants to have an adventure like those he's only read about in the past. The Uncharted movie is set to release in theaters on February 18, 2022. 

It's hard not to see any movie based on the Uncharted games ending up as a superfluous romp – like watching any other sub-Indiana Jones adventure film, such as 2003's Welcome to the Jungle with The Rock, or indeed the first two Tomb Raider movies with Angelina Jolie. These films are hard to get right.

After all, the pleasure of the games in the first place was that they captured the vibe of a good adventure movie in an interactive form – complete with well-realized characters and fantastic dialogue from the games' main writer, Amy Hennig. Divorced from that context of putting you in control of Nathan Drake, an Uncharted movie has the potential to be pretty flat. 

Still, replicating set pieces wholesale from the games has the potential to be pretty fun, if they're done right – Uncharted fans might just want to see it for the sheer novelty of watching Nathan Drake tumble out of a moving aircraft in live-action, and to see which other references they've welded into the film. 

This isn't the stuff of masterful cinema on paper, then, but the fact that they're paying attention to the games' strengths is a positive sign.