Ultima Underworld 1 + 2, Syndicate and Syndicate Wars as a gift on GOG for one month

Ultima Underworld 1 + 2, Syndicate and Syndicate Wars as a gift on GOG for one month

Ultima Underworld 1 + 2

For about a month, GOG will give 4 immortal classics to everyone who is registered in their famous shop. We are talking about Ultima Underworld 1 + 2, Syndicate and Syndicate Wars, four games that have really rewritten the history of video games.

First of all, at this address you can redeem the games. You have until September 3, 2021.

Ultima Underworld is the first-person adaptation of Richard Garriot's acclaimed RPG series. It is one of the first experiments with this view, but it is one of the games that influenced everything that would come later. Up to nowadays. These are aged games, especially in terms of the interface, but still absolutely enjoyable.

Syndicate and Syndicate Wars are two incredibly crafted real-time strategy games that have marked, thanks to their setting and their style , the design of many other subsequent productions.

In case you have never played them, there is a good opportunity to remedy: your videogame culture will thank you.

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‘Ultima Underworld 1 & 2’ and ‘Syndicate’ are free on GOG

EA’s Ultima Underworld and two Syndicate games are free on GOG, and those who already own them can claim a refund.

GOG has seen the return of four games that have previously been removed from the platform. Ultima Underworld 1 & 2, Syndicate Plus, and Syndicate Wars are all available free of charge. The free deal lasts until September 3. Players who already own the games can go to their GOG libraries and claim refunds.

“Today we have a HUGE surprise for all classic game fans! 4 outstanding titles return to GOG.COM,” said a post on GOG’s website.

EA included a special message, saying, “Syndicate and Ultima Underworld are back! It seems that twenty years on there’s still plenty of love for these titles so we’re pleased to confirm that effective immediately they’ll be available again on GOG, and we’ll be keeping them in the store for the foreseeable future. To celebrate this we’re offering these games as a free download for four weeks.”

Syndicate Plus contains both the original Syndicate from 1993 and the American Revolt expansion. In Syndicate, players take on the role of an ambitious marketing director who leads a team of cyborg mercenaries. These mercenaries are deployed at the whim of your employer. Battles take place on interactive maps that allow players to blow up buildings, steal cars, and unleash an arsenal of weapons and gadgets.

Ultima Underworld was originally released in 1992. Players take control of the Avatar, the noblest of heroes. The game features a sandbox that creates mystery and encourages players to explore the vast fantasy world. The game is played from a first-person perspective and features battle through dungeons against all manner of creatures.

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