Ubisoft and Bungie team up to fight the cheaters

Ubisoft and Bungie team up to fight the cheaters

Ubisoft and Bungie have joined forces to denounce Ring-1, a cheater organization that sells tricks on a large number of online video games, including those of the two video game companies. The complaint was filed in California, already the scene of Activision Blizzard's legal proceedings these days.

“[Ring-1 products] damage and destroy not only the gaming experience, but also businesses plaintiffs' aggregates and their reputation among their respective player communities ”. This is the harsh attack with which Ubisoft and Bungie hurl themselves in the accusation against Ring-1. The cheater site would appeal to its users with a subscription system around € 30 for a huge number of games based on the online sector. In particular, the complainant companies are referring to hack bundles that give in-game advantages in Ubisoft's Rainbow Six: Siege and Bungie's Destiny 2 games.

The accusation also includes a strong copyright defense , given that, according to the two companies, an indefinite number of copyright infringements have been made to carry out hacks and cheats of this kind. In fact, even the same bundle offer on the Ring-1 site is included among the official key art images and game screens of Rainbow Six and Destiny 2. The complaint then goes on to state that the plaintiff companies are also entitled to the profits of Ring-1, in addition to damages, for an amount that would reach numbers yet to be ascertained, but which according to Ubisoft and Bungie are figures at 6 zeros (millions of dollars).

Just last month Ubisoft eliminated a group that was selling software used to carry out DDoS attacks on a large number of games, including Rainbow Six: Siege. Meanwhile, the same French-Canadian company is tackling other sexual harassment issues from a year ago, as some protesting employees say there are still no effective solutions.

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