Tesla Model S Plaid sets a new record at Laguna Seca

Tesla Model S Plaid sets a new record at Laguna Seca

The adventures of the Model S Plaid continue, a reference point for electric supercars and the number one challenger of the classic petrol racing cars. After dominating Pikes Peak in his class, only to lose to a Mustang, the Tesla flagship is once again dominating the famous Laguna Seca track. As you can see in the image, veteran Randy Pobst managed to set a lap time of 1.28.213, the best in the EV field. But still not enough to undermine the McLaren Senna which two years ago (driven by Pobst himself) scored 1.27.620.

Probably the aerodynamics and low weight of the McLaren custom-built car had an impact on the result but we must remember that the Model S Plaid on this page is certainly not standard. This is the same racing model customized by Unplugged Performance for racing and to win the Pikes Peak hill climb. In addition to a reduction in weight thanks to the removal of most of the interior we have increased brakes, improved suspension and new arodynamic appendages. All this in addition to the already remarkable performance of the base Model S Plaid, starting from 0-100 acceleration under or around (as Tesla or someone else says it) to two seconds.

This result will undoubtedly bring more supercar manufacturers to challenge the times signed Unplugged Performance by pushing Randy Pobst to face himself again. If not at Laguna Seca, perhaps on the more famous and demanding Nurburgring circuit since the same team had already tested the track at the end of 2020 with a Model 3. Whatever happens, for car enthusiasts it is interesting to note the enormous steps forward made. from the EV sector in a few years. From the first experiments with small cars we have moved on to real racing cars with few compromises that stand up to the classics of Formula 1.

What awaits us in the next challenges starring the Model S Plaid? A speedboat? A plane? Or even the most famous circuits in the world of motorsport? It won't take long to find out, just keep an eye on the smoke raised by the tires of Unplugged Performance cars.

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