Star Drift Evolution: Trailer Reveals Early Access Exit

Star Drift Evolution: Trailer Reveals Early Access Exit

Star Drift Evolution

Developer Catze has released a new Star Drift Evolution trailer to announce the game's release from Early Access. Version 1.0 will be available starting August 27, 2021, also marking the beginning of the new competitive seasons, with the yield of the rankings. We are talking about a racing game focused on drifting, apparently light, but very deep in some dynamics.

The development team took the opportunity to recap all the changes made to the game during the period spent in Access Early: addition of some multiplayer modes; added daily challenges with global leaderboards; 15 new circuits have been introduced on which to compete, with the refinement of the existing ones; added 10 new cars, including some nice ones like go-karts and monster trucks; added chapters to career mode; added some special events such as truck racing; improved artificial intelligence, with the ability to adjust its ability; completely revised the user interface; added new music tracks; added a new display mode and more.

If you're interested, find Star Drift Evolution on Steam for only € 12.99.

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