South Park: New game is created by the creators of the series

South Park: New game is created by the creators of the series

South Park

We recently reported that Matt Stone and Trey Parker had made a big deal with ViacomCBS to secure the future of South Park. The deal includes four more seasons of the popular animation series, some films and other projects. In addition, the team was able to raise additional financial resources in order to be able to realize a new video game, among other things. But which studio takes care of its development? The answer, which is certainly astonishing for many fans: not an external one.

As Matt Stone revealed to Lucas Shaw from Bloomberg, South Park Studios is taking the work on the hitherto nameless game into their own hands. That should give the two creators a lot more creative freedom in development. That goes for the entire future of the South Park brand. Stone said:

"We do whatever we want and they are very supportive of us. We are probably the happiest guys on TV in that regard."

External studios were responsible for the development of the previous role-playing games in the South Park universe. So South Park: The Stick of Truth comes from RPG experts Obsidian Entertainment. Ubisoft San Francisco took over the reins for the work on the successor South Park: The Fractures but Whole. Ubisoft acted as publisher for both games. It is not yet known whether this will also be the case with the next project. A statement from Ubisoft is currently pending.

Source: Bloomberg