Some hackers have made one of the biggest cryptocurrency thefts ever

Some hackers have made one of the biggest cryptocurrency thefts ever

611 million dollars: this is the theft suffered by Poly Network, a decentralized cryptocurrency network that published the announcement on the afternoon of August 10, making public the addresses of the hacker (or group of hackers, in order to avoid payments from these wallets) to which the equivalent of more than half a billion dollars in cryptocurrencies have been illicitly transferred, divided as follows:

Ethereum: $ 273,000,000 Binance Smart Chain: $ 253,000,000 Polygon Network: $ 85,000,000 Obviously Poly Network has already announced that it is resorting to all the legal actions of the case, putting other companies in the sector on alert: Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, another platform suitable for exchanging cryptocurrencies, has assured all users to be working with its partners in the field of cybersecurity to remedy the current situation, specifying however how it is not possible to guarantee (yet) no certainty.

The cause it is probably due to an encryption problem, which leads back to the case of the Anyswap exploit, through which a hacker managed to steal nearly $ 8 million in cryptocurrencies. The investigation carried out by SlowMist, a company operating in the field of blockchain security, would have brought to light some personal data of the hacker who carried out the theft against Poly Network, including the personal email address, the IP address and even the fingerprint obtained from the device used.

Furthermore, immediately after the attack, some transactions addressed to the hacker in question were found online, with advice on how to launder the stolen cryptocurrencies and strongly advised not to transfer the USDT tokens (which were promptly entered blacklisted by Tether, cutting off an amount equivalent to $ 33 million from the loot). This "friend's advice" must have certainly warmed the heart of the hacker, who decided to reward the user in question with 13.37 ETH (equivalent to 41,474.41 dollars), a part of which (1,337 ETH) were donated to various sites like Binance Charity,, and Etherscan.

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