Skyrim: 500 mods, 8K and Ray Tracing, the result is crazy!

Skyrim: 500 mods, 8K and Ray Tracing, the result is crazy!


Several times we have spent ourselves with great praise towards The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and on the ability of the title to survive even today, after the beauty of ten years since its original release. A big applause must be made above all to the community of modders, who from the earliest times have indulged themselves in creating a variety of mods suitable for all kinds of gamers. Between technical mods and nicer and lesser creations, to date everyone can transform Bethesda's RPG into everything he wants. There are also those who, not satisfied, have well thought of becoming a mod alchemist, transforming the game in every nook and cranny.

Let's talk about the guys from the YouTube channel Digital Dreams, who have carried out and implemented a very curious experiment, that is: add to The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 500 mods all different plus Ray Tracing. The result makes the RPG look like a title quite distant from its original version, capable of running at 8K resolution. The color palette is much more realistic and varied, the foliage much denser and richer in color, the sound effects have been enhanced by a special mod and the wind noise adds that sense of even greater immersion to your explorations. >
To these mods I add an infinity of others, such as one on the weather effects. All this pushes Skyrim to the limit, demonstrating how even today a game with this type of support from its community of fans can go on offering always new and surprising content. This work was obviously also accompanied by a video, which showcases only a part of the 500 mods in action in this custom version of one of the most played and loved video games in the history of the video game.

Obviously everything was done on the version of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition on PC. There is no console version of this version of the game, since the vast majority of mods are developed for the PC version of the title, the mother platform for all modders who work on these always very stimulating projects.

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This Skyrim player enabled 500 mods at once to give the game a true 4K makeover

a couple of people that are standing in the snow: Skyrim © Provided by GamesRadar Skyrim

A Skyrim video has emerged showing Bethesda's game running in 4K with over 500 mods enabled.

Yes, you read the staggering number correctly. Just below, you can see the Skyrim gameplay video in action, as cobbled together by YouTube channel Digital Dreams (via PC Gamer), a channel that specializes in putting games to the test using a variety of mods and other technical enhancements.

This particularly stunning 4K version of Skyrim has been achieved by using the Special Edition of Bethesda's game, a remaster which launched back in 2016, five years after the game originally debuted. This overhauled base version of Skyrim, combined with the gargantuan amount of mods, is how the channel has achieved the stunning look.

In the video from Digital Dreams above though, you can really see how lush the scenery of Skyrim looks when pushed to its limits. There's no actual combat throughout the clip, save for one very small encounter with a wolf, but it's brilliant to see the foliage of Skyrim in such immense detail, especially for a game that released a decade ago later this year.

Skyrim players are still experimenting with Bethesda's game even after all this time. Just earlier this year, for example, a mod finally allowed players to pet dogs found throughout the game, and one player just recently reached High Hrothgar after spending years role-playing as a Whiterun guard. Talk about a commitment to your role.

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