Sigil 2 is reality: John Romero working on the sequel

Sigil 2 is reality: John Romero working on the sequel

Sigil 2 is reality

John Romero, co-author of Doom, is working on Sigil 2, the sequel to a famous unofficial episode of the shooter that the developer made on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the saga. At the time, the megawad Sigil was a spiritual successor to Doom as the franchise moved under Bethesda for the release of new titles such as Doom Eternal.

The first Sigil offered players nine new levels to tackle, flanked by 9 deathmatches. The setting, as usual, was in the innermost depths of Hell, between demonic creatures to be defeated and many challenges. The news that a Sigil 2 is now in production right in the hands of the creators of both Doom and Sigil is surprising many fans as the previous episode was thought to be simply a celebration of Doom's 25-year legacy. br>
Sigil 2, according to what John Romero revealed to Bridgeburner, would be in development on Doom 2. The developer has admitted that there will be new levels to tackle, with tough new fights for players to face, but also said it could be Romero's latest experience with these unofficial Doom episodes. The reason? Romero will be working on Quake after Sigil 2 is completed.

Romero has not yet shown anything of Sigil 2 yet, and we are not even able to know where the project is. It seems that the developer wants to take his time in completing this work, so it is plausible that it will still take weeks or months before we have the very first details of the video game. Meanwhile, speaking of the Romero family and their software house Romero Games, his wife Brenda is working with Paradox Interactive on Empire of Sin, an 'XCOM' tactical grid RPG set in 1920s Chicago and Prohibition, a video game. released at the end of 2020 and of which you can find our review here.

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Sigil 2 Announced During John Romero Interview

Sigil 2 Announced! That's the news we bring to the Doom modding community today following a recent interview John Romero had where he revealed he was developing a Doom 2 mod sequel to his Sigil Mod.

Originally announced in December 2018, Sigil is a mod for DOOM made by John Romero, one of the game's creators, in order to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The mod wound up facing several delays until it was finally released on May 31, 2019. Since then, John Romero teased the idea of a sequel to the mod, such as when he joked that the sequel was confirmed when scientists discovered a volcanic planet with oceans of lava. However, last month, during an interview with Bridgeburner, John Romero announced that Sigil 2 is in development. In this interview, the two talked about a variety of topics such as level design, John's work on various franchises, and the making of the original Sigil.

Around the 42-minute mark in the video, Bridgeburner asks John Romero if he has anything coming up in the future. John states that Sigil II is, in fact, going to be a thing. So far he's got a 'pretty cool' map made for it and the mod will be for DOOM 2. As for release dates, John doesn't have any specific dates (and jokes that he's already missed the 25th anniversary for DOOM 2,) but he says that 'I want to make sure that [the levels] have a really good consistency and progression and are just really challenging.'

Sigil 2 has no release date so far, and you'll need DOOM 2 in order to play it when it releases.