Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps launches the red and green herbs, along with Capcom

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps launches the red and green herbs, along with Capcom

Resident Evil

In Japan, Umbrella Corps has launched new merchandise dedicated to the Resident Evil series, including the classic red and green herbs, the ones that produce miraculous healing effects in the game. Of course Umbrella Corps does not exist and behind it all is Capcom who wants to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the series. Also, consuming herbs will not heal your wounds, as they are simple bath salts that cost around € 5 per piece.

Resident Evil herbs become bath salts Yes, you got it right: you can use them to make your washes more enjoyable. If you want you can also mix them, as in the game, to increase the beneficial effects.

Another wacky gadget to celebrate the Resident Evil series is the Umbrella kit, which makes perfect employees of the evil corporation. It consists of a ballpoint pen (550 yen), a notebook (660 yen) and an A4 size folder (990 yen). Of course, the Umbrella logo is everywhere.

The perfect Umbrella Corps employee kit All these products will be on sale from 13 August 2021 and will be available for purchase in the official Capcom stores in Tokyo and Osaka and in the online store.

The Resident series Evil was born in 1996 and has countless titles, including main chapters and spin-offs. The latest Resident Evil is recently released: Resident Evil Village.

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Capcom Releases 'Resident Evil' Umbrella Corporation Green and Red Herbs

Capcom is is celebrating Biohazard‘s (Resident Evil) 25th anniversary with a special pop-up.

As part of the pop-up, special merch will be released taking shape of items in the game. One of those items is the life-saving herb — a green herb mixed with a red herb boosts the healing effects in the game. Featuring Umbrella Corp. branding, the real-life Resident Evil herbs are actually bath salts that will provide restorative comfort for your next soak in the bathtub.

On top of the green and red herb bath salts, Capcom will also be releasing Umbrella Corporation stationery like a ballpoint pen, memo pad, and a report pad. The packs of bath salts will sell for approximately $5 USD while the stationer will range from $5 – $10 USD.

Capcom Store TokyoTokyo-to, Shibuya-ku,Udagawa-cho 15-1, Parco 6F

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