Record July for semiconductor manufacturing in China

Record July for semiconductor manufacturing in China

The PC hardware market has been experiencing one of its most difficult periods for some time now, due both to a crisis of excess demand and to the shortage of chips available on the market. In fact, we have talked to you in recent months about the investment plans developed by the European Union to relaunch the semiconductor industry also in the old continent, to try to ease the production pressure on the American nodes that are currently working at their best. .

In this complex picture, China stands out, which against all expectations closed the month of July with a new record in semiconductor sales compared to the previous year. The Chinese industry has in fact produced over a billion integrated circuits, a figure that is certainly good, but which remains insufficient since it will take a long time for the country's semiconductor production to exceed imports. Specifically, analyzing the data shows that Chinese semiconductor manufacturers (including manufacturers of 3D NAND, DRAM and logic components) produced 31.6 billion chips in July alone (+ 41.3% compared to July 2020). , which correspond to a production of over one billion integrated circuits per day.

To make people understand the importance of the result achieved, the same industry produced about 30.8 billion chips in June and 29.9 billion in May, confirming a constant increase in production month after month. To date, China's annual semiconductor production has given birth to as many as 203.6 billion chips (at least according to the National Bureau of Statistics), which represents an increase of 47.3% compared to the same reference period last year. year. What makes the result even more marked is certainly the stalemate between China and the United States, given that, for example, companies such as Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co. (SMIC) cannot have the equipment they need from American companies, since they ended up in US government blacklist.

Obviously these results are the result of the huge investments made by the Beijing government, specifically designed to support the tens of thousands of local chip designers, slowly managing to recover part of the gap separating China from their closest rivals, the Taiwanese, and Western manufacturers, despite heavy sanctions given to companies by the US.

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