Record auction for the most famous Ferrari in the United Kingdom: 1.2 million euros

Record auction for the most famous Ferrari in the United Kingdom: 1.2 million euros

Record auction for the most famous Ferrari in the United Kingdom

We know, it is not the first time that a supercar of the Maranello brand reaches a record figure at an auction; in 2018, a very rare Ferrari 250 GTO was sold for a record 33 million euros and last year a stunning 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Long Nose exceeded 2 million euros, becoming the most expensive vehicle sold at a 'online auction. Clearly, collectors are willing to pay unimaginable sums in order to bring home a unique and inimitable specimen; a clear example is represented by an incredible Ferrari F40, a car that certainly needs no introduction, which was auctioned for over 1.2 million euros. Significant figure but equally far from that of the rarer Ferrari F60 sold at almost 4 million euros.

Although it is not a "special" F40, such as the LM or the Competizione, the specimen for sale it has also reached a decidedly high figure, perhaps thanks to the combination of exclusive colors. For those who do not know, unlike the models made in more modern times, the Ferrari F40 could only be ordered in the "Rossa Corsa" color; all the other colors were made after market, thus distorting the real nature of the specimen.

Although therefore not 100% original for true connoisseurs and purists, this F40 is equally a rather exclusive version: with only 25 thousand kilometers in assets, and also protagonist on social networks thanks to the hashtag # f40blu, the car in question was completely overhauled by the prestigious dealer Joe Macari in 2015.

Originally delivered in July 1989 to a Swiss dealer in Nyon, the car was equipped with the characteristic Rosso Corsa color with interior in Vigogna fabric; today, on the other hand, it sports a metallic blue color (more precisely “Aqua Metallic”, inspired by a Porsche colorway), with red interiors and a personalized number plate that bears the wording “F40 BLU”. From 2015 until today it has been in the hands of the influencer and amateur driver Sam Moores, while previously it belonged to a Japanese enthusiast who had decided to transform it into the LM variant using a Liberty Walk kit.

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Famous Blue Ferrari F40 Makes Record-Breaking £1 Million on The Market Online Platform

First motor car to sell for £1m on a UK/EU online platform

A 1989 Ferrari F40, which had become a worldwide social media star due to its ultra-rare blue livery, has sold for £1,000,500 on The Market by Bonhams, the first seven-figure result for an online platform in the UK and Europe.

Offered by Sam Moores, creator of the popular Car Chat podcast and Instagram star, who commissioned the Aqua Blue metallic paintwork from Carrozzeria Zanasi of Maranello, the Classiche-certified F40 had covered a mere 16,000 miles from new and was sold with its private registration number F40 BLU.

The hammer fell after a four-way bidding battle drove the price past the seven-figure mark in the final hour of the seven-day continuous online auction.

The F40 is the first million-pound motor car to be sold on The Market by Bonhams, one of the leading and fastest-growing online marketplaces for classic and collectable car and motorcycle auctions.

Founded in Oxfordshire in 2016, The Market has taken the industry by storm. In 2020, the company sold vehicles with a total value of £13 million and increased its turnover by almost 300% compared to 2019. It was acquired by Bonhams in April this year.

Tristan Judge, Director, The Market by Bonhams, said: 'We are thrilled with this result. Not surprisingly the F40 was the subject of a lot of attention and activity, with 15 bidders submitting a total of 128 bids.

'The F40 was one of only a handful of blue examples in existence and while many collectors favour tradition – such as a red-liveried Ferrari – this sale indicates there is a younger generation of serious collectors who appreciate something different.'

Maarten ten Holder, Managing Director of Bonhams Motoring, said: 'We are delighted with this sale which shows that Bonhams is now able to offer and successfully sell the most coveted collectable motor cars around the clock, and not only at our flagship events.'