PS5: For Hermen Hulst, exclusives are essential for the future of PlayStation, never on Xbox

PS5: For Hermen Hulst, exclusives are essential for the future of PlayStation, never on Xbox


According to Hermen Hulst, exclusives are still one of the key elements of the future of PlayStation, and in particular of PS5, the company's new console. The head of PlayStation Studios touched on the subject in a long interview with Game Informer, in which he illustrated Sony's philosophy regarding the publication of its games.

Meanwhile, he said he did not expect the arrival of flagship franchise titles on Xbox Series X and S, because it will never happen. On the PC instead something will be released, but later than Sony's consoles, a bit like what happened with Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone.

The only exception to the rule is the MLB The Show series, which however it is the daughter of special agreements and on Xbox it is published by MLB Advanced Media, not by Sony as it happens on PlayStation consoles. Hulst: "I honestly can't picture ourselves doing this with one of the defining experiences of our platform that we do at PlayStation Studios."

In the interview Hulst also confirmed that there are many secret projects still in development from PlayStation Studios and that others will arrive, such as that of Haven, the new hosue software by Jade Raymond, a title that particularly intrigues him. We will see how many and which others will be.

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