PS5: First revised consoles appeared in stores

PS5: First revised consoles appeared in stores


Nine months after the launch of the PS5, Sony launched a first revision of the console. The new model has already been spotted in both Australia and Great Britain. The main features of the revision include the lighter weight and a new screw for the base of the PS5.

The model can be recognized by the new serial number. While previous consoles were delivered under the CFI-1000 series, this variant is now the CFI-1100 series. As mentioned earlier, the overall hardware weight has been reduced. According to the first details, this should be 300 grams that Sony was able to save. The weight of the standard PS5 is now 4.2 kilograms - the Digital Edition drops to 3.6 kilograms. No one has yet found out where the 300 grams were saved. Sony has not officially commented on the revision either.

Sony is now making things a little easier for its customers with the screw for the stand. This can now be tightened by hand - a screwdriver - as is the case with the previous model - is no longer required here. It is still unclear when the revision will also be available from us. If you're still looking for a PS5 (buy now), you should check out our announcement about an upcoming sale. It seems that there will soon be supplies in Germany again. Sony announced at the end of July that over ten million copies of the PS5 had already been sold worldwide.

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Sony Has Quietly Launched A New, Lighter PS5



While everyone expects some sort of mid-gen upgrade for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, Sony has done something a bit interesting with a very, very low-key mid-mid-gen, year one upgrade to the console, which is now starting to roll out in Australia.

We actually heard that a lighter PS5 was supposed to be coming a while back, but now it’s arriving in stores, and actually alters more than we originally thought. Press Start (via The Verge) says that this new model is indeed about 0.6 pounds lighter than the original, but the first report was that this was happening for just the digital model, and the disc model wasn’t mentioned. But now that the new system is here, it turns out that weight reduction is apparently also on the disc model.

But that’s not all. Another component has been changed, as you no longer need a screwdriver to set up the base of the PS5, something that was made fun of a bit when the system launched, but now Sony has converted that system into a different sort of screw you can simply tighten by hand easily. Obviously you’ll still need a screwdriver to say…take the hard drive out.

These new ones are the CFI-1102A model number, rather than CFI-1000 if you want to start looking for them in the wild, as it will be hard to tell the difference otherwise from the outside.

The weird thing about this is that no one really has any idea about what was taken out of the PS5 to lose those 0.6 pounds. The PS5 digital, for instance, is 8.6 pounds, so it’s losing about 7% of its body weight. But no specs are changing, it’s just…gone. Very mysterious.

I understand why Sony isn’t really promoting this new model because I mean, it’s just a little bit lighter and has a new kind of base screw, which isn’t exactly something you would be writing a commercial about. But it’s still sort of an odd case, and now it’s finally in the wild. We’re still at a point where everyone would love to be able to find any PS5, new model or old, but I will be curious to see when this starts rolling out to other regions, and when it will ultimately replace the entire line, which it seems destined to.

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