Porsche 911 GT2 RS, here is the new limited series

Porsche 911 GT2 RS, here is the new limited series

Porsche 911 GT2 RS

If the base model of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS already boasts exhilarating performance, what about the new Clubsport 25 edition? Thanks to the experience of its creators, the car has a whole series of track-style modifications that affect both the interior and the exterior of the car. We will talk about this later, in the meantime the work done by Manthey-Racing, a German tuner who has been collaborating for years with the Porsche racing department, must be acknowledged. Together, they have collected seven victories at the 24 hours of the Nurburgring and this car celebrates 25 years since the beginning of their collaboration.

We were talking about the changes made to the new Clubsport 25 edition: we start with the radiator that is been centrally positioned to improve the cooling system. This also reduces the risk of serious damage during collisions, a not uncommon event on the track (where this version is mainly headed). Also on the cooling and temperature side, the air circulation towards the brakes and the aerodynamics of the front have been improved.

Looking at other parts of the bodywork, we note the flat bottom and the revisions to the aileron always with a view to increasing the air supply to the maximum at high speeds. Even the headlights have seen some upgrades and now they illuminate the space in front of the car much better, reducing bulk and weight thanks to the integrated indicators. Finally, there are references to the previous customized cars by Manthey-Racing itself, in the green / yellow details on the bodywork.

As in the previous Clubsport model of 2018, we find the classic Porsche flat six 3 engine, 8 liters (twin turbo) capable of touching 700 horsepower. They reach the rear wheels thanks to the seven-speed transmission, with double clutch gearbox.

Naturally, the protective "cage" already installed in the passenger compartment and homologated according to the FIA ​​rules, as well as a plate bearing the number of each model, cannot be missing. In all, only 30 were built, at a price of 525,000 euros each (excluding taxes). For a racing car like the Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25, some debt can also be made.

The gift box with five Porsche models in 1:64 scale by Majorette, for the youngest but not the youngest fans only.

Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25 is a hell of a birthday present for Manthey Racing

It's not what anyone would call subtle, but we love it.


Porsche and Manthey Racing have been as snug as bugs in a rug for years now. Porsche AG even owns 50% of Manthey, and as such, on Thursday Porsche announced it will celebrate Manthey's 25th birthday with a special run of 30 911 GT2 RS track cars (25th anniversary, 30 cars, we know, it's annoying) called the GT2 RS Clubsport 25.

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS is already one of the world's most unhinged driver's cars, producing colossal amounts of power (690 horsepower). Still, Manthey found ways to improve its performance above and beyond what even Porsche's engineers could do, particularly in the aerodynamics department. The Clubsport 25 benefits from some of those improvements, which were showcased initially on Manthey's own GT3 R race car, also known as Grello.

That car's distinctive black-and-green livery makes its way to the Clubsport 25, as does its centrally mounted radiator and lightweight carbon hood. The 25 also gets a swan-neck-mounted rear wing like the new 911 GT3 and a righteous-looking NACA duct on the roof that funnels air to the cabin (friends, a NACA duct is always cool). Apart from bodywork, the Clubsport 25 gets most of the suspension goodies from the special-edition 935 that came out in 2018.

Porsche is producing 30 of these beauties in total, but only six of them are coming to the US. Each will retail for the equivalent of $621,301 based on current exchange rates, plus all the taxes and fees that the American government can throw at you. Porsche expects the first units will reach their owners in January 2022.

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