PlayStation Plus: Rumors of a premium subscription with anime content

PlayStation Plus: Rumors of a premium subscription with anime content

PlayStation Plus

Sony had recently taken over the anime streaming platform Crunchyroll and paid the considerable sum of 1.18 billion dollars for it - the equivalent of around one billion euros. With this, the group is not only significantly expanding its presence in the anime market, but also wants to combine this with the PlayStation Plus online service.

As a report by Eurogamer magazine shows, Sony is playing with the idea of ​​a kind Offer premium subscription to PlayStation Plus. In addition to the previous range of games, this is supposed to also provide access to the Crunchyroll streaming platform and other service providers. Tony Vinciquerra from Sony hinted at such a possibility in a statement:

"With the addition of Crunchyroll, we have the unprecedented opportunity to cater to anime fans better than ever before. Offer experience on whatever platform they prefer; from cinema, events, home entertainment, games, streaming, linear TV - anywhere and any way fans want. Our goal is to get a unified anime subscription as soon as possible -Create experience. "

Fittingly: These "free" games await you on PlayStation Plus in August 2021

However, we have to mention that so far it has only been a rumor or speculation. A statement or even confirmation of the premium subscription of PlayStation Plus on the part of Sony is still pending. However, such a subscription combination is not entirely unlikely, so there could be some truth to it. Would you be interested in such a premium subscription? How much money would you let something like that cost? Does it write in the comments?

Source: Eurogamer

PlayStation Plus: All the free games subscribers can download now

a group of people on a boat in the water: God of War is in the PlayStation Plus Collection for PS5 owners. Sony © Provided by CNET God of War is in the PlayStation Plus Collection for PS5 owners. Sony

You need PlayStation Plus to play PS4 and PS5 games online, but the service has evolved to be much more than a fee for online play. For $10 a month, or $60 a year (which means you'll get a 50% discount if you opt for an annual membership), subscribers get an evolving list of discounts and, most importantly, access to free games. 

It's far from the Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service featuring over a hundred titles that Microsoft is building the Xbox Series X|S around, but there are some amazing deals to be found, especially if you keep an eagle eye on the monthly selection of free games. Once you've downloaded them, you keep these games for as long as you want -- they don't expire after the month is up.

a group of people on a boat in the water © CNETAugust 2021's free games

In addition to the PS5-exclusive PlayStation Plus Collection, Sony offers a selection of free games each month. Sometimes these are worthwhile indie titles, other times they're big budget AAA games such as Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Here are August's games.

Hunter's Arena: Legends 

Set in ancient Asia, Hunter's Arena: Legends is a 30-player battle royale game that launched Aug. 3. That makes this game special, since it's unusual for a brand-new title to hit PlayStation Plus on day 1. Unlike most battle royale titles, this game isn't a first-person shooter, rather a third-person action game. You can play alone or in teams of three.

Hunter's Arena: Legends is also available on PC via Steam, and it usually retails on the PlayStation Store for $20.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville 

The franchise that began as a fun 2D iOS and Android game has expanded to a fully-featured 3D series on PC and consoles. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville was released in late 2019, and it's a surprising amount of fun. There are several PvP multiplayer modes, a PvE mode and a crew of charming characters that bring the gameplay to life.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville usually retails for $30 on the PlayStation Store.

Tennis World Tour 2 

A followup to 2018's Tennis World Tour, this is a more serious take on tennis than the one recently undertaken by a certain Italian plumber. If you're in need of a sports fix, now that the Olympics are over, PlayStation Plus has you covered.

Tennis World Tour 2 Complete Edition usually retails for $50 on the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Plus Collection

The following games, which Sony says is a collection of generation-defining PlayStation 4 games, is available for free to PlayStation 5 owners. There are some absolute bangers here, including God of War, Bloodborne, The Last of Us: Remastered and Persona 5.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's EndCrash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy Activision Blizzard © Provided by CNET Activision BlizzardGod of WarMortal Kombat Xa person in a military vehicle: Warner Bros. © Provided by CNET Warner Bros.Fallout 4text: Bethesda © Provided by CNET BethesdaFinal Fantasy XV Royal Editiona close up of a man and a woman looking at the camera: Square Enix © Provided by CNET Square EnixMonster Hunter WorldPersona 5Atlus USA © Provided by CNET Atlus USAResident Evil 7 Battlefield 1EA © Provided by CNET EACall of Duty Black Ops IIIa man riding on the back of a fire: Activision Blizzard © Provided by CNET Activision BlizzardThe Last of Us: RemasteredDay's Gonea man standing next to a waterfall: Sony Interactive Entertainment © Provided by CNET Sony Interactive EntertainmentDetroit Become HumanBatman Arkham KnightInfamous Second SonUntil DawnSony Computer Entertainment © Provided by CNET Sony Computer EntertainmentBloodborneThe Last Guardiana bird sitting on top of a dog: Team ICO © Provided by CNET Team ICORatchet & Clank