OnlyFans has a new nude free app

OnlyFans has a new nude free app

The application is called Oftv, it will be free and available in the app stores, unlike the adult content platform

(photo: Jakub Porzycki / NurPhoto via Getty Images) OnlyFans has a new app and it's free. The real news, however, is that it will only host safe for work content, and therefore no nudes. Only Fans has become popular for providing, by subscription, exclusive and mostly adult content to users from individual creators. However, the abundance of nudity on OnlyFans, which in the meantime has become a giant, has always prevented the launch of the platform as an app on the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

Now the American company has made available an application for iOS and Android called Oftv. Oftv currently has a library of more than 800 videos including fitness classes and videos from chefs, musicians, comedians and podcasters. It will host creators already present on OnlyFans, such as Mia Khalifa, Bella Thorne and Holly Madison but with content all of a different kind and without nudity.

The app has been in development for some time and was launched in January, but OnlyFans is promoting it just now. Oftv is part of the company's attempt to move beyond adult content and position itself as a neutral platform like Patreon, allowing entertainers to monetize their fan relationships.

“Oftv offers fans a super way convenient for watching content from favorite creators, ”Tim Stokely, founder and CEO of OnlyFans, told Bloomberg recently. “There is no adult content on Oftv. Since it is not monetized and there is no direct impact on creators' earnings, we are able to be in the app stores ".

The company currently does not plan to charge users for access to Oftv or to place advertising on its contents. OnlyFans boasts over 1 million creators generating $ 2 billion annually, of which the platform takes 20%, with a profit of around 400 million.

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