On Avengers # 50 the Multiversal Masters of Evil debuts

On Avengers # 50 the Multiversal Masters of Evil debuts

Late yesterday afternoon, Marvel announced the release of Jason Aaron's Avengers # 50, which corresponds to the 750th number of Avengers following the legacy numbering. The Multiversal Masters of Evil will officially debut in the register, introduced a few days ago in the register for the FCBD Avengers / Hulk.

The issue also sees the participation of the best-selling writer Christopher Ruocchio, author of the award-winning series The Sun Eater, making his Marvel comics debut with artist Steve McNiven in a story with Thor. Here are his statements about it:

I am honored to play a small part at this moment in the history of the Avengers and excited to work with Steve McNiven to bring you all a little classic of Thor. It's a bit surreal to work with a character that I grew up with and I hope I told a story worthy of the God of Thunder.

Avengers # 50 awaiting big announcements

It looks like Marvel has big plans in store to celebrate its birthday by anticipating that there will be big announcements arriving on Tuesday, August 31st on its birthday.

Marvel is going through a transition phase, as many long-running series are getting concluding to be relaunched with new creative teams. The writers of the famous runs of Venom and Immortal Hulk will swap places as Donny Cates and Venom artist Ryan Stegman launch a new Hulk series and Al Ewing joins Ram V and Bryan Hitch for a new series on Venom. br>

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