Netflix: the 10 most viewed titles in Italy

Netflix: the 10 most viewed titles in Italy


For more than a year, knowing which TV series or movies on Netflix are having the most success in your country has become very simple. After a trial period that lasted six months and started only in Mexico and the United Kingdom, the streaming giant had announced the arrival worldwide of a new feature that we could call the top 10.

This is updated daily and brings together all the most viewed platform content. This list contains both the original Netflix content and those for which the platform has purchased the rights. So here are the ten most viewed contents in Italy.

1. Sweet Girl

she She lost the love of her life because of the greed of a pharmaceutical company. Her daughter is without her mother and he is without justice… for now!

2. My wife pretending

Danny told the girl that he was divorced. In order not to get caught, he asks his assistant to play the part of his ex-wife.

3. The Kissing Booth 3

Determined to enjoy the last summer before college, Elle tries to fulfill all the wishes of an old list, while reflecting on his future with Noah and Lee.

4. Outer Banks

On an island populated by rich and poor, the teenager John B recruits his three best friends to find a legendary treasure linked to his father's disappearance.

5. Black Island

The dark secrets of a seemingly peaceful island threaten to involve a student orphaned when he approaches a mysterious new teacher.

6. The Director

The first woman to take over the direction of a major university must meet high expectations and whirlwind demands in a department of wobbly English.

7. Vanished into thin air

Ten years after losing two loved ones, a man is caught up in another shocking mystery when his girlfriend goes missing. From the novel by Harlan Coben.

8. The Good Doctor

A talented surgeon on the autism and savant syndrome spectrum is hired at a prestigious hospital, where he faces the skepticism of colleagues and patients.

9. Valeria

A writer in creative and marital crisis finds support in three friends who in turn are discovering themselves. Series based on the novels of Elísabet Benavent.

10. Alive

A young musician goes on a memorable journey to follow his destiny and deliver a love song from an old man.

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Oh No, Rob Lowe Is Going Full-CinemaSins on Netflix


It looks like Netflix is finally trying to grab a slice of CinemaSins’ massive YouTube audience of people who love watching clip shows where hosts quip about why certain movies are unrealistic and cliché. And don’t get us wrong: That’s a 9-million-subscriber-strong audience. But Netflix has a secret sauce, and it’s Rob Lowe. Today, they announced Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!, an upcoming comedy special all about clichés in movies. According to a statement from the streamer, the special “analyzes the origins and evolutions of everything from ‘Walking Away from an Explosion’, to the ‘Meet-Cute’, and ‘Females Running in Stilettos’ - there’s also a ‘Wilhelm Scream’ montage for real movie buffs.” Alongside Lowe will be “a plethora” of A-Listers, although no additional names have been given. Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! premieres September 28.