Mortal Shell: New DLC free for a limited time

Mortal Shell: New DLC free for a limited time

Mortal Shell

The new Mortal Shell DLC The Virtuous Cycle is currently available for free download. You can get the expansion for free via Steam, PlayStation Store or Xbox Store until August 23rd. The downloadable additional content will later cost 6.99 euros. In addition to a new shell, players in the Dark Souls clone can also expect a new, transformable weapon and a roguelike mode. In it you run through a path of randomly generated areas and use special upgrade columns as well as more than 100 new improvements for your character.

The new cover in the DLC is called Hadern and is available to you in the main game as well as the DLC. This makes rags the fifth shell in the game. As a wandering soul, players in Mortal Shell (buy now 39.99 €) slip into different covers with their own skills and movesets. With the new weapon Axatana transforms into double katanas and offers a transformation into a heavy ax. If you're looking for Souls-like content, you should definitely give Mortal Shell a chance.

We offer you a little guide to getting started with our Mortal Shell beginner tips. At the beginning, the Dark Souls clone is relatively bulky. However, once you have found the first two cases, that changes and you experience an absolutely atmospheric adventure. Incidentally, an Enhanced Editions is available for download for Xbox Series X and PS5, which adapts the game to the new consoles. Incidentally, buyers of the original PS4 or Xbox One receive the upgrade for free.

Mortal Shell: The Virtuous Cycle is Out Now

Mortal Shell - The Virtuous Cycle

Mortal Shell’s paid DLC The Virtuous Cycle is out now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC (debuting alongside the base game on Steam as well). Current owners can claim the expansion for free until August 23rd. Check out the launch trailer here, which highlights the new Shell, new weapon, and various upgrades that can be earned.

The main appeal of The Virtuous Cycle is its new roguelike mode with randomly generated environments. As players progress, they’ll take advantage of over 100 different upgrades from pillars throughout Fallgrim. The new Shell, Hadern, is all about daggers and absorbing damage, while the new weapon, the Axatana, can be used either as a pair of katana or an axe.

Those picking up the game on Steam can avail of a 10 percent discount, which includes the base game and The Virtuous Cycle, until August 25th. For more details on Mortal Shell and how it plays, check out our official review here.