McDonald's Italy: Pokémon cards arrive in Happy Meals

McDonald's Italy: Pokémon cards arrive in Happy Meals

McDonald's Italy

The Pokémon TCG cards are about to arrive in McDonald's Happy Meals all over Italy, starting Friday, August 27.

The announcement came directly from the official website and social media of the Italian division of the well-known fast food chain in the form of a teaser. Later Pokémon Millenium revealed that during the promotion it will be possible to collect 25 Pokémon cards that include the inevitable Pikachu and the starters of each region, such as Charmander, Chikorita, Treecko, Froakie and so on.

Le Pokémon cards from the new McDonald's Italia promotion As we can see from the photograph taken in one of the Italian McDonald's, each Happy Meal will contain a packet that includes four of the twenty-five cards mentioned above plus a "surprise gift". Each card will be in a holographic version and will have the logo of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Pokémon series.

It is therefore an initiative very similar to the one seen in the US a few months ago, with fans taking the stormed McDonald's to get the full collection. We do not know until the promotion of Pokémon cards in Italy will be available, so if you want to "catch them all" you should take advantage of it while you are in time. Obviously, avoid binging too much!

In the meantime Pokémon GO is preparing for a new Community Day that will feature the Oshawott water starter.

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