Lupine III: a role-playing game to celebrate his 50th birthday

Lupine III: a role-playing game to celebrate his 50th birthday

Lupine III

TMS Entertainment and Magnetic Press have recently announced the release of some special articles to appropriately celebrate the 50th birthday of Lupine III, the historic character created by Monkey Punch and based on Arsenio Lupine, the "gentleman thief" protagonist of the series. of novels by Maurice Leblanc from 1905.

Lupine III: a role-playing game and the new merchandise to celebrate its 50th anniversary

One of the brand new gadgets designed specifically to celebrate Lupine III's 50th milestone, there's a brand new tabletop RPG based on the franchise. The game will feature different adventures and robberies with an open world mission system. The game will use D6MV, a Magnetic Press variant of the D6 ruleset published by West End Games.

In addition, the two companies will also publish a retrospective book for the 50th anniversary of the Lupine III anime. The book will contain a complete overview of every single episode, feature film and season of the beloved animated series produced by TMS Entertainment, as well as the characters, adaptations in other media and works of art inspired by the well-known character.

Finally, TMS Entertainment is producing a new season of the anime titled Lupine the Third: Part VI and made by Sentai Filmworks to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original anime.


The manga Monkey Punch's Lupine III inspired five previous major television anime series, the television anime series Lupine III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, several animated motion pictures, and an almost annual series of TV anime specials.

Lupine III: Part 5 is the most recent television anime in the series and premiered on NTV's AnichU programming block in Japan in April 2018. This season, along with the previous four, was distributed in streaming completely legal and free on Crunchyroll, but unfortunately the contents are not accessible from Italy, but you can find them on Amazon Prime Video, by clicking on this link.

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Lupin III Is Getting An Official Tabletop RPG


Lupin III is quickly coming up on its 50th anniversary and it looks like all the stops are being pulled out to make it a truly momentous occasion. A unique isekai spinoff manga is in the works, Lupin the Third: Part IV will be released, and it looks like the series will now officially have a tabletop RPG.

TMS Entertainment and Magnetic Press announced that they will be releasing a tabletop RPG using the D6MV system, a Magnetic Press variant of the D6 West End Games ruleset. The game will allow players to enjoy heists and adventures with an open-world quest system.

Alongside this, the company also announced plans to release a special retrospective coffee table book to celebrate the 50th anniversary. It’s set to feature comprehensive looks at each episode, feature, and season produced by TMS Entertainment as well as looks at the characters, media adaptations, and artwork.

Will there be even more Lupin III news on the way? Only time can tell, but we wouldn’t be surprised at this point.