Lupine III: an isekai manga is coming

Lupine III: an isekai manga is coming

Lupine III

The most famous gentleman thief of all time will soon become the protagonist of an isekai manga. As reported in this year's ninth issue of Akita Shoten's Young Champion Retsu magazine, the Lupine III franchise will be enriched with a new isekai-genre spin-off manga titled Lupine III: Neighbor World Princess which will be launched in issue 39 of this quest. year of Weekly Young Champion magazine on August 26.

Lupine III: Neighbor World Princess, the new spin-off manga

To take care of the realization of the manga Lupine III: Neighbor World Princess there will be Yosuke Saeki, (writer) who previously worked on the comic-isekai manga Mukashi Yuusha de Ima wa Hone (A Skeleton Who Was Brave) and will be drawn by Keyaki Uchi-Uchi, responsible for the manga transposition of the light novel series Failure Frame: I Became the Strongest and Annihilated Everything With Low-level Spells (Hazure Waku no “Jōtai Ijō Skill” de Saikyō ni Natta Ore ga Subete wo Jūrin Suru made) by Kaoru Shinozaki.

Il manga will be the last chapter in the long series of Lupine III, created for the first time by Monkey Punch, inspired by the character of Arsenio Lupine conceived by Maurice Leblanc and published in 1967. We still don't know anything about the plot, nor if, indeed, Lupine will find himself transported to another world or not. if the protagonist will be catapulted into Lupine's arms. We just have to wait for new information.

Lupine III: about the anime

Lupine III is considered one of the most influential anime and manga series of all time and has been cited as inspiration for anime such as Cowboy Bebop, FLCL and even Metal Gear Solid.

The most recent television anime in the franchise is Lupine III - Return to the Origins, the fifth animated series that debuted on NTV's AnichU programming block in Japan in April 2018. The Italian edition was edited by Tania Gaspardo is broadcast on Italia 1 from December 15th 2018 to February 10th 2019, and from Monday April 26th 2021 at about 5:00 pm it was re-launched on Italia 2.

TMS Entertainment is producing a new anime season entitled Lupine III: Part VI to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the original anime.

We remind you that Lupine III - The third series, the most irreverent, boldest and most sought after by fans of the gentleman thief has landed on Yamato Animation as part of the celebrations for its 30th anniversary.

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Lupin III Is Getting An Isekai Manga Spinoff


Lupin III is one of the most iconic manga series of all time. Not only did it have a film about it directed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli fame, but has inspired five separate anime series. With Lupin the Third: Part VI coming soon to celebrate the series’ 50th anniversary, it seems another unique project is in the works as well.

Young Champion Retsu magazine recently revealed that a new isekai spinoff series titled Lupin III: Neighbor World Princess will launch on August 26th within its pages. Yōsuke Saeki is set to write the story with Keyaki Uchi-Uchi drawing the art.

This spinoff will just be the latest in many series originally created by Monkey Punch all the way back in 1967. Who knows what other exciting Lupin III projects may be announced with the incoming 50th anniversary of the series.