Intel has taken one of Nvidia's most prominent developers with it

Intel has taken one of Nvidia's most prominent developers with it

If the new graphics card architectures from Nvidia, Turing and (above all) Ampere manage to guarantee excellent support for technologies such as Ray Tracing and DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), this is mainly due to the work done by Anton Kaplanyan during the time he worked as a researcher for the US company.

It could be said that Kaplanyan has basically given input into the Nvidia offices regarding the use of these new technologies, having been the first person to have applied machine learning to graphics processing in real time, managing to achieve the results that can already be enjoyed on the latest generation of video games (and which obviously in the future will not bea> able to do anything but continue to improve). >
Ray tracing, step two. In addition to the application of machine learning to the world of video games, during his period of work at Nvidia Anton Kaplanyan was also interested in the developments of artificial intelligence carried out by the research groups of Facebook, of which he has also led since June. 2017 (i.e. after finishing his 2-year job as a researcher at Nvidia) until July 2021.

Through his LinkedIn profile you can learn how Intel decided to bet on him, hiring him in the position of Vice President of the research section on graphics. While it is still unclear what exactly he will develop for Intel, it is very likely that most of his efforts will spill over to the XeSS (Xe SuperSampling) project, which basically is to Intel what DLSS is to Nvidia.

A new company for Kaplanyan, therefore, but the same field of research and development in which he himself has proved to be one of the most important personalities, and which will certainly be able to make a considerable contribution to the development of these new technologies . Excellent market move by Intel therefore, which will surely reserve us something positive already in the near future.

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