Ikigami: the manga is enriched with a new act

Ikigami: the manga is enriched with a new act


Ikigami, the famous manga series created by Motoro Mase, published in Italy by the Planet Manga publishing house together with the other works by the author Heads and Demokratia, now out of print, is enriched with a new act. To confirm the news, this year's 17th issue of Shogakukan's Big Comic magazine revealed that Motoro Mase will launch the new series entitled Ikigami: Sairin (Ikigami: The Return) in the next issue of the magazine scheduled for September 10th. br>
Take a look at this preview:

Ikigami: about the manga of Motoro Mase

Motoro Mase has published his original manga series Ikigami from 2005 to 2008 on the pages of Shogakukan's Weekly Young Sunday magazine and then transferred it, at the close of the magazine, to Weekly Big Comic Spirits of the same publishing house, where it was published from 2008 to 2012.

The manga , consisting of a total of 10 volumes, arrived in our country thanks to the Planet Manga publishing house which published it with an aperiodic frequency starting from 31 May 2007.

This is the plot:

What would you do if you were told that today is your last day of life? The Japanese government has legalized a nightmare: to notify with an "ikigami" - a death announcement - the death of a person in the next 24 hours. Each Japanese carries a lethal poisonous capsule ready to open for those who have received an ikigami. These random executions aim to remind the population of the importance of life. Each volume revolves around the different stories of the people who received an “ikigami”, following them in the last twenty-four hours of their existence.

A live-action was taken from the manga in 2008, with Shōta Matsuda playing the part of Kengo.

Motoro Mase also concluded the serialization of Nenkin Ningen Hitomoji, in January 2021, but at the moment the manga remains unpublished in Italy.

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