Hyundai, new (economical?) Electric citycar coming soon

Hyundai, new (economical?) Electric citycar coming soon


Hyundai is planning a new i10-style city car (click here to find the test of the LPG version), but with shapes more similar to a mini SUV, expected around 2023 on the main markets. This was revealed by the latest announcements from the supplier of components BorgWarner, about a new collaboration with the Korean company. The same BorgWarner, which is American, has signed the agreements for an integrated electric module directed to Segment A. These are the so-called "small" Fiat 500-style, designated rival of the new model signed by Hyundai.

Looking at the BorgWarner components, the IDM unit (Integrated Drive Module) that you see in the image combines electric motor, transmission and inverter. This is to optimize masses and weights, since we are talking about a compact car, by definition and real size. Despite the reduced space, compared to other similar products, BorgWarmer ensures a maximum power over 180 horsepower. More likely to be "contained" within 100 by Hyundai, for reasons related to market placement. In a city car, the autonomy and duration of the batteries have priority over performance (and in any case 100 horses are an excellent starting point).

Again for reasons of space, weight and overall dimensions, batteries they announce themselves limited compared to the Hyundai Kona from which they take up most of the specifications. According to the latest news circulating online, the new city car will have a maximum range of no more than 320 kilometers per single charge. A distance that remains in line with the main competitors, given that they all have to deal with the same problems related to size, available space and so on.

In any case, the main unknown factor is always that of price, since without incentives a small electric car costs as much as a higher-end thermal one. And if state aid limits the problem temporarily, over the distance the gap returns to recur, lowering sales. It remains to be seen whether Hyundai will want to risk (lower revenues) by giving its "baby" a competitive price. For now, there are no clear indications on this very important aspect.

Hyundai and Kia prepare subcompact EV crossover for city car segment

Sister companies Hyundai and Kia plan to release over half a dozen electric cars in the coming years. Most haven't been detailed yet, but one will reportedly take the form of a tiny crossover developed for crowded urban centers.

Citing supplier sources, British magazine Auto Express wrote that the pocket-sized EV will enter production about halfway through 2023. The model will stretch between 137 and 145 inches long, meaning its footprint will be about as big as the Chevrolet Spark's, and some of its powertrain components will be provided by BorgWarner.

One of the BorgWarner bits will be what Auto Express refers to as an integrated drive module that combines the electric motor and its transmission into a single unit. It's a solution that saves space — which is key when developing such a small car — and reduces complexity. The module is a turn-key unit that can deliver up to 181 horsepower, though we'd be pleasantly shocked if Hyundai doesn't reduce that figure. Maximum driving range will reportedly check in at approximately 200 miles thanks in part to a 40-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack.

Earlier in 2021, Kia previewed some of the electric cars in its pipeline. One (pictured) was Soul-like and described as 'a fun and practical commuter.' In hindsight, the South Korean firm could have been previewing the small EV.

One of the points that remains to be seen is how the EV will be marketed. Whether it will be sold as a Kia, as a Hyundai, or both isn't known; it could even slot into the Ioniq sub-brand. It will also be interesting to see where the model falls in the pricing spectrum. As of writing, the roughly 145-inch-long Hyundai i10 carries a base price of 12,090 euros (around $14,200) in France, while the comparably-sized Kia Picanto costs 11,790 euros (about $13,900).

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