Humankind: video reveals the details on the final stages of the game, beware of the nuclear bomb!

Humankind: video reveals the details on the final stages of the game, beware of the nuclear bomb!


In a new video, the Humankind authors tell us about the final stages of the game, explaining that the player will not be bored and will not spend time repeating the usual actions, but will instead have access to unique systems.

First of all, they explain that connections via the railway network make travel much cheaper. Trains are essential for moving fundamental resources such as coal and oil. Along with planes, trains allow you to move your armies more. The advanced stages of Humankind also allow, depending on how we have evolved our civilization, to obtain unique technologies, such as space travel.

These great objectives of Humankind can be developed by several cities at the same time. However, these final technologies require multiple stages of development: each stage will reward you with fame but also with bonuses; an easy example is the launch of satellites, which will allow you to see more of the map.

Humankind's team then explains that battles gradually change with the invention and massive inclusion of gunpowder during clashes . Moving from melee to ranged combat, units will learn to use territory to protect themselves and gain defensive bonuses. Obviously, armed and air vehicles will change the fighting even more, making them very lively. The fighter planes will be used to bomb enemy areas and, of course, to defend against enemy bombardments, making them essential for the phases of war.

Humankind will also allow the development of atomic bombs, but this will be a difficult and often not recommended choice. It is an expensive, time-consuming technology that could cause various repercussions: nuclear power, in fact, needs a full turn to reach its destination and, therefore, enemies can launch their own missiles. In essence, players will tend not to want to use nuclear weapons, to avoid mutual destruction. In addition, other empires will be able to promote a denuclearization and therefore would not look favorably on the possession of a nuclear bomb.

Finally, we remind you that Humankind will be available from D1 on Game Pass in the PC version.

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Humankind Release Date: When is Humankind coming out?

Humankind, a 4X game that seeks to dethrone Sid Meier’s Civilization, finally cometh. Starting from the nomadic age, players will be able to experience the progression of history through six major eras of human civilization. However, unlike Civilization and most other 4X games, Humankind allows you to shape the malleable culture of your civilization. Apart from micro-managing units and the administrative affairs of your cities, you will also have to plan out the grand direction of your civilization.

Humankind comes from the same creators of Endless Legend, Endless Space, and the spin-off dungeon crawling rogue-like Dungeon of the Endless. Amplitude Studios has a long and storied career in strategy games, and Humankind is the culmination of years of work. It’s a worthy challenger to Civilization‘s dominance in the genre, and might even be able to finally beat it – something that its predecessors never did. So, when is Humankind coming out, exactly?

While Humankind has been made available at a limited scale through multiple OpenDev phases, it will be released in full for the first time on August 17, 2021. As can be seen in the Official The Scale of Humankind Trailer, the game is very encompassing. Humankind features 60 historical cultures, which, when mixed and matched together, offers a dazzling 1 million plus different civilizations players can craft. The game offers 129 unit types – in comparison to Civilization‘s ~120 units including expansions, 10 biomes, 45 animal species, 93 technologies, and offers avatar customizations for your civilization’s leaders.

Most importantly, Humankind offers unique narrative storylines that naturally emerge from your civilization’s activities. These narrative storylines are carried well by beautifully rendered avatars, fully voice acted with thousands of voice lines.

Will all of these features be enough to beat Civilization? Only time will tell who will survive the test of time.