Humankind: Civilization competitor at launch in Xbox Game Pass for PC

Humankind: Civilization competitor at launch in Xbox Game Pass for PC


If everything goes according to plan, the strategy game Humankind - which is often referred to as a civilization competitor - will be launched on August 17, 2021. In this regard, there is a particularly pleasant notification for all subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass on the PC: As Sega and the development team Amplitude Studios have announced, Humankind will be part of the pass from day one. Thus, the subscribers have unlimited access to the full version from August 17th.

Thus there is a very cheap alternative to the "normal" purchase of Humankind for all fans and interested parties (buy now 49.99 € / 47, € 99). The Xbox Game Pass for PC costs just one euro in the first month and offers you a library of more than 100 games - including the strategy game mentioned at the beginning. After the trial period ends, you have to pay 9.99 euros per month, which is also significantly cheaper at first than the 50 euros you normally have to pay for the full version of Humankind. The only downside: As soon as your subscription to the Xbox Game Pass ends, you will no longer have access to the games.

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In line with this message, you will find a new video about Humankind below this message. Not only do you get to see gameplay scenes, but there are also some interesting statistics about the strategy game. Some excerpts: The Humankind game world consists of ten different biomes with different properties. You can also expect 129 units and more than eight hours of background music.

Source: Amplitude Studios

Humankind to launch on Xbox Game Pass




Sega and Amplitude Studios has announced that it will be launching its upcoming 4X strategy game Humankind on Xbox Game Pass for PC on day one. Set to release next week, on August 17, the title will be available on the subscription service on day one, for any subscribers to download and try out.

Ahead of the launch, we've recently had the chance to preview the title one more time, to get an insight in what will be delivered when Humankind releases. Be sure to read our impressions here, or watch our video preview below.

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