Halo Infinite won't have two major modes at launch

Halo Infinite won't have two major modes at launch

Waiting for an official release date, still fugitive, we already know that Halo Infinite will be launched without two modes. The news comes from 343 Industries, which in a blog post published on Halo Waypoint, the only official point of all information dedicated to the development of the games in the series. In the article, launched yesterday, it is emphasized that the launch will be accompanied by different modes, but specifically there will be two missing.

As reported by the blog post, Halo Infinite will not be equipped with the campaign in co -op and della Fucina (Forge). If for the first there are no explanations to give, the second (for anyone who does not know) is a mode that allows you to create your own multiplayer maps in total autonomy. "We are focused on offering a quality experience at launch and therefore we have decided to postpone the cooperative, as well as the Forge," the words declared by the creative head of 343 Industries, Joseph Staten. Now, the delay could cause some discontent but fortunately the development team has already announced a launch window for these two items.

Halo Infinite's co-op mode and forge will launch next year. In 2022, therefore, through a free update, there will be the possibility of putting your hand to these two components. To be more precise, the co-op campaign will be available starting with the update to Season 2, which will debut approximately 3 months after launch. La Fucina, on the other hand, will be available six months later, when Season 3 will be available. Other details of the two seasons at the moment have not yet been disclosed but given the scope of the title it is quite clear how there will be further news to accompany the Seasons of the first. person shooter.

On balance, now, only a release date for Halo Infinite is missing. Considering the release period of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042, it is very likely that 343 Industries will announce the launch date of the game shortly. Are you ready to return to the field with Master Chief?

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