Guilty Gear: Strive, Jack-O 'is the new Season Pass DLC character

Guilty Gear: Strive, Jack-O 'is the new Season Pass DLC character

Guilty Gear

Arc System Works has announced the second Guilty Gear Strive DLC character. Jack-O 'Valentine will be available starting August 27 for all Season Pass holders.

Jack-O' is an artificial life form created by Asuka R. Kreuts to prevent Justice, l herald of destruction. She was one of That Man's three servants, along with Raven and I-No. His first appearance in the fighting series was in 2001's Guilty Gear X Plus.

The presentation trailer, which you can view in the player above, gives us a taste of his energetic and playful fighting style, which takes advantage of robotic chains and minions to corner opponents.

As mentioned at the beginning, Jack-O 'Vantine will be available from August 27 for all owners of the Season Pass 1 of Guilty Gear Strive. Alternatively, you can buy the DLC separately starting August 30 at a price of € 6.99. At least two more fighters are expected to arrive by the end of the year.

Arc System Works developers are also working on cross-platform crossplay for Guilty Gear Strive.

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Guilty Gear's Baiken makes her way to Samurai Shodown this week

Past meets the future as Guilty Gear's brash one-armed samurai becomes playable in Samurai Shodown this week.

More than a couple years after its original launch, Samurai Shodown is still kicking and slashing around with some pretty great content to show for it. We’ve seen a lot of characters from across the franchise come back to the game in recent season passes, not to mention some surprises. However, SNK announced a new DLC character that’s equal parts delightful and makes perfect sense for the game. Baiken, the one-armed, pink-haired samurai from Guilty Gear is coming to Samurai Shodown as a DLC character this week.

Baiken was revealed for Samurai Shodown’s DLC roster in a surprise trailer on SNK's KOF YouTube channel on August 16, 2021. Beginning on August 19, 2021, Baiken will be available for purchase as a playable character in SamSho. She’s looking like she’ll fit right in, too. For those who don’t know, Baiken is missing an arm, but in the place where her arm would be, there are a ton of deadly gadgets, including a cannon, claw, spinning blade wheel, and many more. She might be a bit toned down from the speed of Guilty Gear, but her move set looks quite intact for Samurai Shodown.

Baiken comes at a time when SNK and Arc System Works are quite active these days. Currently, SNK is still supporting Samurai Shodown (which came out in 2019) while preparing for The King of Fighters 15, which will be launching in 2022. Meanwhile, Arc System Works has been firing on all cylinders with the impeccable launch of Guilty Gear Strive, which just saw the reveal of its latest DLC character Jack-O’ during EVO 2021 Online.

Baiken is not the first collaboration that SNK has done with Samurai Shodown. The Warden from Ubisoft’s For Honor was also a character in the game, but it’s also worth noting that a Guilty Gear collaboration was originally teased back in February 2021. It’s great to see it finally pay off in the form of Baiken and we’ll look forward to bringing some Heaven and Hell to the Samurai Shodown roster this week.

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