GTA 3, San Andreas & Vice City: Remaster reportedly planned for 2021

GTA 3, San Andreas & Vice City: Remaster reportedly planned for 2021

GTA 3, San Andreas & Vice City

For some time now, rumors and speculations have been circulating about remastered versions of earlier GTA episodes. At the beginning of this year, the publisher Take-Two Interactive even commented on this topic, after which it became quieter. But now the rumor mill is simmering again. The trigger for this is a recent report by Kotaku magazine.

It states that there are allegedly remastered versions of GTA 3 (buy now), GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City in development. Their release is even imminent: The target is a release in October or early November, although the PC and mobile versions could possibly be a long time coming. In addition, the remaster for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S will appear. The revised versions of the three GTA games are supposedly based on the Unreal Engine and should offer a mix of new and old graphic assets. In this way, the flair of the original is to be retained without, however, having to forego a certain degree of modernization.

More than just a rumor?

The report also states that GTA 3, GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City will appear together in one package and will only be available digitally. In addition to a slightly revised interface, there is also talk of some adjustments to the content in order to prepare it for the current target audience.

However, a statement or even confirmation of these rumors on the part of Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games is pending. Therefore, you should be careful with the whole thing. Would you buy the remastered versions of these GTA episodes? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Kotaku

Remastered GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas might be coming this fall

a person standing in a room: GTA remastered trilogy © Provided by BGR GTA remastered trilogy

It’s been nearly a decade since Grand Theft Auto 5 arrived for PS3 and Xbox 360. Rockstar Games has since re-released GTA 5 on PS4 and Xbox One, and an enhanced version is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X on November 11th. In all of that time, Rockstar hasn’t said a word about GTA 6. The sequel could still be years away. In the meantime, a new report suggests that Rockstar is working on a GTA remastered trilogy for next-gen consoles that will include GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas.

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GTA remastered trilogy currently in the works

According to Kotaku, Rockstar is currently in active development on remastered versions of the initial 3D GTA games. Sources tell the site that all three games are being remade in Unreal Engine. They will have a mix of “new and old graphics.” One source that claims to have seen footage of the games in action compares them to heavily-modded versions of the originals.

The sources also confirm that Rockstar Dundee is in charge of production on these remasters. Kotaku notes that Dundee, based in Scotland, is one of the newest studios at Rockstar. Sources say the studio is also working with Rockstar on the next-gen port of GTA 5. Prior to being Rockstar Dundee, the studio was called Ruffian Games. Ruffian is best known for developing Crackdown 2, but also had a hand in making Crackdown 3, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and a number of Kinect titles.

Rockstar has apparently changed its plans regarding all of these remasters multiple times. At first, it seemed like the studio would include the remasters as a free gift for gamers that purchased GTA 5 on next-gen consoles. Then Rockstar decided to release the remastered games on their own early this year. And then Rockstar changed course again, pushing the remasters back to the fall.

Remastered GTA coming to Switch and mobile

Once it finally releases, the GTA remastered trilogy will reportedly be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, PC, Stadia, and mobile. PC and mobile might be delayed to 2022 as the studio focuses on the console versions. The sources expect Rockstar to package the games and launch them all at once. Rockstar might only sell them digitally, so don’t go looking for them in stores.

Finally, Kotaku’s sources also suggest that these won’t be the last Rockstar remasters. If the GTA trilogy sells well, the studio might remaster the original Red Dead Redemption as well. Fans are still desperate for sequels, but these remasters might tide them over for 2021.

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