General Motors, 5G everywhere within three years

General Motors, 5G everywhere within three years

General Motors

The future of the car is increasingly similar to that of computers and it could be said that many vehicles (especially electric) will practically be four-wheeled PCs. Also underlining this is the latest announcement by General Motors on the shift towards 5G common to all its upcoming models. Starting with the USA, but the strategy is global, all new cars produced will be prepared for this standard. And therefore they will always be connected, always updated, always continuously sending / receiving data. But privacy? That remains a mirage, and in any case few people care about it.

Meanwhile, the American company points out that since 2014, when the current agreement with the telephone operators was signed, the amount of data exchanged by car has grown enormously. Millions of gigabytes transmitted and received every year on "not very fast" LTE and 4G networks, which will become terabytes with the more widespread adoption of the new standard. But what exactly is all of this for? Mainly to the adoption of new technologies such as autonomous and assisted driving. The latter are expressly cited by General Motors as the main sectors that will gain from the presence of faster networks.

On the other hand, the continuous availability of data exchanged between different cars, together with the (almost) infinite space of cloud and the so-called "smart cities" are only possible if the networks are able to support them. And at the moment only a few large cities meet the requirements, especially outside the most industrialized countries. Not to mention the huge question posed by the current chip crisis: infotainment and on-board computer remain the first components to suffer from technological problems. And if these continue over time, GM will also have to considerably review (ie postpone) its plans.

In any case, for now the deadlines are set at 2024: within three years and starting from the United States, certain "selected" models will be immediately connected in 5G. Initially only for the same activities available today such as infotainment, navigation and updates. The latter are another aspect that is becoming increasingly important, as we saw in the latest electric Mercedes flagship. Like computers, we said, as long as there are enough chips for everyone in the future.

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