From Lecce to shakerato, six types of cold coffee to try

From Lecce to shakerato, six types of cold coffee to try

From Lecce to shakerato

Now that it's too hot for the classic espresso, here are some variations on the theme. Strictly refreshing

(Photo: Pexels) The dilemma is ancient: is the desire to drink coffee stronger or the intolerance of heat? The solution is, of course, cold coffee. Which can be tried in different variations, fishing from the Italian regional traditions or from the preparations in vogue around the world. Here are some suggestions so that the espresso is not too hot to handle.

Shaken coffee

A summer classic: to prepare it you obviously need a shaker, a typical barman's tool for prepare drinks. Coffee, ice and sugar, shaken with energy, give life to a fresh drink with a nice hazelnut-colored foam. There are those who add syrups (for example with vanilla) and those who prefer to correct it in an alcoholic key. In any case, it should be served in a martini glass.

Coffee on ice

(Photo: Pexels) Also called Lecce or Salento (but not in Puglia, where it's just coffee on ice ), is an espresso served in a glass with lots of ice cubes. You can order it straight or add almond milk.

Vietnamese cold coffee

To prepare the typical Vietnamese cold coffee you need a special filter, which allows you to prepare the coffee by dripping it directly in the cup where you have already poured some condensed milk. Then, just add the ice. Don't have the Vietnamese filter? Prepare the cà phe da using your normal coffee.

L'iced coffee

(Photo: Pixabay) in cold version: ranging from iced coffee to iced cappuccino.

Coffee granita

The top is to taste it in Sicily, perhaps at breakfast, with whipped cream and brioche with tuppo. But now coffee granita is found almost everywhere and is perfect at any time of the hottest days.

Coffee cream

Also called grandfather's coffee (heritage of the grandfather's cup ice cream ? Who knows!), Is a soft and fluffy cream, halfway between ice cream and granita. Often found in bars.

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