Fortnite X Street Fighter: Guile and Cammy land in Epic Games' Battle Royale

Fortnite X Street Fighter: Guile and Cammy land in Epic Games' Battle Royale

Fortnite X Street Fighter

To the delight of Street Fighter fans who don't mind a game of Fortnite from time to time, Capcom and Epic Games have announced that Guile and Cammy will debut in the Battle Royale on Sunday, August 8 at 02:00 (Italian time).

Both fighters will be added to the Fortnite Store with two skins. Guile will be available in the version with the classic Street Fighter II green outfit, with the "Guile Protection 100" beach variant and the "K.O." decorative back. For Cammy, on the other hand, the variant "Cammy Mimetica" will be proposed, together with the decorative back "Aurora Militare". Those interested in obtaining the complete package can take advantage of a bundle, which in addition to the aforementioned contents also includes the "Second Round" loading screen. There is also another bundle that includes Guile's "Tactical Ax" pickaxe, Cammy's "Bowie Ax" pickaxe and "Vector V-Trigger" hang glider

Street Fighter's Cammy and Guile arrive in the Shop Fortnite The arrival of the two Street Fighter fighters will be preceded by the Cammy Cup on August 5, which will give you the opportunity to win his costume and decorative back early if you rank in the top positions or to get the Second Round loading screen if you will score at least 8 points.

For more information on the news coming to the Fortnite store and the Cammy Cup, we recommend that you consult the dedicated page on the official website of Epic Games, reachable at this address.

Cammy and Guile may not be the only crossover coming to Fortnite. According to a leak, Naruto Uzumaki will soon arrive in the Battle Pass.

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Fortnite x Street Fighter Introduces Guile & Cammy As New Skins

Street Fighter’s Cammy and Guile join Fortnite Battle Royale.

It’s become redundant at this point to call Fortnite Battle Royale the most inclusive game in history. That notion took another step further today with the announcement that two more Street Fighter characters would become playable skins. Guile and Cammy will join Ryu and Chun-Li in the latest collaboration between the iconic Battle Royale game and the historical fighting game. It continues a trend of Fortnite’s growing meta-verse that includes other popular video games, tv shows and movies, and Epic has shown no signs of stopping.

Cammy & Guile Join Fortnite

The news came to fans via Twitter and an official Street Fighter stream, where Twitch Gaming unveiled new information about Street Fighter 5 Season 5 and that Cammy and Guile would crossover into the world of Fortnite. Both skins come with a variety of styles, two exclusive emotes and some other in-game accessories.

It’s merely the latest in a long line of Epic Games’ barrier-breaking deals. Cammy and Guile join Ryu and Chun-Li and many other video game characters such as Master Chief and Lara Croft in Fortnite.

Cammy & Guile Release Date

Those looking to acquire the two new Street Fighter characters should mark Saturday, August 7 on their calendars. Cammy and Guile will be available for purchase at 8 PM EDT when Fortnite’s Item Shop resets. Epic is also hosting a Cammy Cup duos tournament on August 5 for players to unlock the set early and free with a high placement. We’ll provide more details on that later.

Here is everything available for players to purchase:

  • Cammy Outfit w/ Tactical Cammy Variant
  • Borealis Backer Back Bling
  • Guile Outfit w/ Glistening Guile Variant
  • K.O. Back Bling
  • Guile’s Knuckle Buster Pickaxe
  • Cammy’s Delta Red Bowie Blade Pickaxe
  • V-Trigger Vector Glider
  • Stay tuned for more and get psyched for yet another pair of iconic video game characters to enter into Fortnite Battle Royale. For more information, refer to Epic’s blog post.

    Featured Image: Epic Games