Formula 1, also misses the Japanese Grand Prix

Formula 1, also misses the Japanese Grand Prix

Formula 1

The Formula 1 calendar continues to lose pieces due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which many Italians (at sea and on vacation) consider a thing of the past. However, this is not the case, especially in Japan as the famous Suzuka Grand Prix will miss for the second consecutive year. Originally, it was supposed to take place on 10 October but it is not clear if there will be another event on the same date or if other solutions will be sought (such as a double race on another circuit). Meanwhile, in its terse official statement, F1 makes it known that there is a lot of interest from other locations to host the race.

One wonders why the Japanese government still held the Olympics and instead pushed to remove Formula 1 from the country. Then we look at the number of sponsors, televisions and other economic interests and some very concrete motivations (read: money) begin to emerge. Obviously, there is a ranking for which events can be canceled or postponed and which, on the other hand, must be kept. Especially since the cases of Coronavirus, in Japan, were also on the rise during the Olympic Games and it is not an emergency that has broken out now.

In any case, the yoga-style stunts continue for the organizers of the F1 that this year had to come up with various alternative solutions while many historical events disappeared. In fact, we remember the cancellation (among others) of China, Canada and Australia for the same problems related to the Coronavirus in a championship that has almost become surreal in its appointments.

On the positive side, there is no shortage of uncertainty and spectacle on the side of the fight for the drivers' title, with Hamilton and Verstappen always stuck in a very close head-to-head. The next installment of their duel is expected shortly with the return of F1 to Belgium after the summer break. This time it will be the turn of the famous Spa race, luckily it has remained intact on the calendar with all the tradition that accompanies it.

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Japanese Formula One Grand Prix cancelled for 2021

The 2021 Japanese Formula One Grand Prix, scheduled to be held in October, has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organisers said on Wednesday.

The cancellation of the race, scheduled for the weekend of Oct. 8-10 at the Suzuka circuit, follows the abandonment of Singapore's Oct. 1-3 night race.

'Following ongoing discussions with the promoter and authorities in Japan the decision has been taken by the Japanese government to cancel the race this season due to ongoing complexities of the pandemic in the country,' Formula One said in a statement.

'Formula 1 is now working on the details of the revised calendar and will announce the final details in the coming weeks.

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    'Formula 1 has proven this year, and in 2020, that we can adapt and find solutions to the ongoing uncertainties and is excited by the level of interest in locations to host Formula 1 events this year and beyond.'

    Japan recently hosted the Olympic Games in Tokyo without the presence of spectators, while the Paralympic competitions, scheduled from Aug. 24 to Sept. 5, will also be held without fans in attendance.

    Formula One is operating under strict health protocols, with teams in 'bubbles' and frequent testing for COVID-19 of all personnel and media.

    The cancellation of the Suzuka race could spell trouble for the Turkish Grand Prix which was added to the calendar as a replacement for Singapore's cancelled race.

    The race at the Istanbul Park circuit was slotted in a week before Suzuka and one week after the Russian round in Sochi but there could be more reshuffle to the calendar.

    Turkey is on the British government's 'red list' of countries which require 10 days of hotel quarantine for returning travellers. By staying in Japan for a few extra days, Formula One could have bypassed that quarantine requirement.

    'Formula One has proven this year, and in 2020, that we can adapt and find solutions to the ongoing uncertainties and is excited by the level of interest in locations to host Formula One events this year and beyond,' the governing body said.