Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: review bombing on Metacritic, fans demand the console versions

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: review bombing on Metacritic, fans demand the console versions

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Final Fantasy, despite its name, is a saga that seems to have no end. Not only because new chapters come out on a regular basis, but also because classic titles are often revived. Recently, for example, Square Enix has given life to a renewed version of the first numbered chapters, which are defined as Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. Now, the latter is undergoing review bombing on Metacritic by fans.

The reason, in this case, is not the low quality of the games (although the font of the lyrics could be improved). The cause of the review bombing is the lack of a console version of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. The games, in fact, have been released for the moment only on PC and iPhone / iPad. The thing was not accepted by the historical players.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster A user, on Metacritic, wrote: "We want to be able to play these games on consoles. Classic games like Final Fantasy shouldn't being blocked by the need to use a smartphone or computer. (Please, however, change the font of the text before publishing the console version. Thanks!) ". The user then proceeded to assign a 0/10 to the game. Another player also claims that, considering the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster titles are very old, the price is far too high.

Put simply, gamers aren't too happy with Square Enix's strategy. In any case, this is a limited number of players for now. Furthermore, the specialized press is positively reviewing Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, with an 80 out of 100 (at the time of writing this news).

If your interest is first of all directed towards more recent chapters, such as Final Fantasy 16, please know that dubbing and motion capture have been completed, English is the main language.

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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Is Getting Review-Bombed On Metacritic Over Platform Release

Another day, another review-bombing. Final Fantasy fans are review-bombing Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series over the platform of choice for the game's release. On Steam, however, the review scores maintain a positive reception, especially with changes Valve has made in recent years to prevent review bombing from occurring. 

Ignoring the odd font choices for this game, the Pixel Remaster series saw a user rating over a measly 0.7 just last night. This morning, that score was able to mosey on up to a 3.5 at the time this article was written. Critic reviews are sitting at a healthy 80 on Metacritic, with our own Dan Tack previously talking about how much this remaster is worth your time. 

One petulant user writes, 'Get the console version, and I'll change my assessment,' after scoring the game a 0. 'Square Enix long ago said that all installments listed would be available on consoles; we fans demand this minimum.' Another poor scorer said, 'We want to be able to play these games on consoles. Classic games such as Final Fantasy should not be gated behind mobile phones and computers.' 

Review bombing is an act of protest that gamers have adapted through the years, though the actual practice has become much more common in recent months. Many games have fallen victim to this practice, whether it be a clash in ideals, news surrounding studio culture, or sometimes something as simple as the creative choice that a studio takes being perceived as 'social justice.' 

Regardless, it looks like some positive user reviews are starting to flow in talking about the OST and the gameplay experience as a whole. As more and more review the title, including those that actually play the game, this score should go even more throughout the day. In the meantime, you can learn more about the remaster with our previous coverage here. 

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