FIFA 21: EA says new FUT preview packs have been "very well received"

FIFA 21: EA says new FUT preview packs have been very well received


During the year EA Sports has released new FIFA 21 Ultimate Team packages on the market in which you can preview what they contain. According to the American giant they have been "very well received" by users.

The possibility of peeking inside the packages, in order to find out in advance which cards could be obtained, is a novelty that EA introduced during the year to escape the controversy surrounding the sale of loot boxes, which are increasingly equated with gambling.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson expressed a search for satisfaction at the recent quarterly results conference. how this change has been received. "On the Preview Packs the quick answer is that they have been very well received," the CEO replied to an investor who asked for feedback on this change.

"You know, our FIFA Ultimate Team developers are always working on close contact with the players of the community. FIFA Ultimate Team is the most played and by a wide margin and we are always working on new, innovative and creative ways to entertain it, connect it with friends and the world of football, as well as to make building the FUT squad. "

" Preview Packs, as I said, have been well received. We have seen an increase in engagement and we have seen a higher conversion rate of spenders ".

FIFA 21 Anthem Packs Preview Packs allow players to view the contents of a loot box before deciding whether to purchase it. After the preview time is over, you can decide whether to upgrade or buy it.

The FIFA Ultimate Team Preview Packs system was introduced in June, and was originally designed to be online for only one month. However, Preview Packs are now an alternative to standard packs found in stores.

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EA servers down: FIFA 21 servers status latest, connection issues hit

EA servers down

EA servers down - Server status latest, FIFA 21 connection issues reported (Image: EA • GETTY)

EA servers down reports are on the rise, with hundreds of EA and FIFA 21 fans reporting server connection issues today. Independent outage monitor Down Detector has recorded a huge spike in FIFA and EA down reports today. Hundreds of down reports have been recorded, with stats claiming the main issue affecting FIFA 21 and EA fans is server connection problems.

At the time of writing Down Detector UK has recorded a peak of more than 900 EA down reports and more than 500 FIFA server down reports.

As the reported EA and FIFA 21 servers hit gamers took to Twitter to post about the issues they were facing.

One tweeted: '@EAFIFADirect are the fifa servers down or something??'

While another wrote: 'Are EA servers down? FIFA can’t find me an opponent in a Seasons match'.

FIFA 21: EA Sports reveal Team of the Year players

One added: 'It’s my day off and EA servers are down'.

And another posted: '@EA @OriginInsider Battlefield 1 servers and Origin login seem to be down! please fix'.

Despite the FIFA and EA down reports, the official EA FIFA 21 status website says servers are running as normal at the moment.

While the official EA Help Twitter account is yet to comment on the reports.

FIFA 21 down

FIFA 21 down reports have been flooding in today (Image: DOWN DETECTOR)

The reported FIFA server issues come after the latest update, title update 19, was released earlier this week for PC and Stadia.

Here are the notes for the latest patch...


Career Mode

Addressed the following issue:

Performance stats were not tracking correctly when simulating matches with a real player in Player Career.

General, Audio, and Visual

Made the following change:

Updated corner flags when playing with an international team at home.