Fallout 76: Players recreate the Globe Theater and act out Shakespeare's classics

Fallout 76: Players recreate the Globe Theater and act out Shakespeare's classics

Fallout 76

When a community of players possesses great inventiveness and passion, extravagant and wonderful things can arise. An example of this is the re-proposal of the Globe Theater in London made by the players of Fallout 76, in which the great Shakespeare classics are now staged.

The Northern Harvest redditor has published some shots of the revival in post-sauce sauce. apocalyptic of the London theater, which for the occasion was renamed "The Grafton Globe". As you can see in the gallery below, it is a huge and complex circular structure, complete with an opening on the roof like the original, which required many hours of work and commitment.

The construction is inspired by the original Globe Theater, built in 1599 by the theater company to which Shakespeare belonged, the Lord Chamberlain's Men and which unfortunately was destroyed by fire on June 29, 1613. The complex was later rebuilt in 1997.

As the images show, now that the construction of the Fallout 76 theater is complete the players have moved on to the inevitable next step: to perform in plays based on the great Shakespeare classics such as Macbeth and Hamlet.

Remaining on the subject of passion and creativity, a GTA 5 fan recreated the three-dimensional map of San Andreas using a 3D printer, taking 400 hours.

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‘Fallout 76’ player recreates the Globe Theatre and is staging plays

An avid Fallout 76 player has successfully built the Globe Theatre in the game and is now staging plays.

Built mostly by Reddit user Northern Harvest (thanks, PCGamesN), the Fallout 76 Globe Theatre is a recreation of the real-life Shakespeare building from 1599. Called ‘The Grafton Globe’ in-game, this version is about as close as Northern Harvest could get making it on a PS4.

In response to a comment, Northern Harvest said they had “plenty of frustration building this with the server issues, and I just can’t get rid of those foundations around the building. But all in great fun!”

The Grafton Globe theatre is modeled after Shakespeare’s Globe in London. Swipe to see some comparisons with the real Globe. It’s about as close a replica I could make on a PS4 🎭 from fallout76settlements

The Grafton Globe in Fallout 76The Grafton Globe. Credit: Bethesda Softworks

A Reddit post from Northern Harvest even shows off some side by side shots of ‘The Grafton Globe’ and its real-life equivalent, with the Fallout 76 build emulating the circular shape and open roof extremely well.

More posts on the Fallout 76 settlements subreddit show that both Macbeth and Hamlet shows have been set up in the theatre, with more sure to follow. Northern Harvest had help from another user called Leemus3, who also apparently built a Klingon Warbird in the Bethesda-developed title. Northern Harvest says they did the rest of The Grafton Globe with “flamethrowers, creativity, and patience.”

Anyone interested in knowing when any other plays are coming to The Grafton Globe need to keep an eye on the Fallout 76 Settlements subreddit.

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