Evil Dead The Game: Release postponed due to single player option

Evil Dead The Game: Release postponed due to single player option

Evil Dead The Game

The multiplayer game Evil Dead: The Game is supposed to be released later this year. But unfortunately nothing comes of it: The development studio Saber Interactive decided at short notice to postpone the release by several months. According to current plans, the release is planned for February 2022 on the PC and consoles. There has not yet been a more precise date.

According to the developers, there are several reasons for the postponement. One of them is the fact that Saber Interactive is dying to add a single player option to Evil Dead: The Game. This should enable you to go into battle even if you don't have any friends on hand for a co-op game.

"Evil Dead: The Game will be released in February 2022. Hey, you guys Player. We're targeting a new release date to give the team extra time to fine-tune and make sure it becomes the ultimate Evil Dead experience you've all been waiting for! The extra time also allows us to create a Implement a single player option that lets you enjoy the game without your co-op comrades. "

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Source: Twitter

'Evil Dead: The Game' is delayed until February 2022

Last year, Boss Team and Saber Interactive announced that Evil Dead: The Game with Bruce Campbell reprising his original movie role would arrive sometime in 2021. Now, the developers have tweeted out an update with a specific and slightly later release date: February 2022. 

The reason for the delay is to 'give the team some extra time for polish and to ensure this is the ultimate Evil Dead experience you're all waiting for,' the team tweeted. 'This additional time is also allowing us to implement a single-player option that will let you enjoy the game when you are without your co-op compadres.' 

As we saw in the launch trailer in December, Campbell's Ash along with Kelly and crew have to work together to fight Deadites led by a powerful demon. You can think of it as a Dead by Daylight-style asymmetric title with a chainsaw hand and Bruce Campbell's clever catchphrases. It also comes with a big dollop of nostalgia with familiar characters, locales and plenty of gore in the form of blood-soaked zombies.

Evil Dead: The Game will offer 'multiplayer co-op and PvP for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch,' according to the developer's website. They advised that you stay tuned to their Twitter page 'for more information about new character updates, pre-order availability, and the next gameplay video featuring Bruce Campbell.'

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