EA on Battlefield: "you should consider this as a live service"

EA on Battlefield: you should consider this as a live service

EA on Battlefield

With Battlefield 2042 set to debut in the market in the coming months, one of the hotspots of the latest EA shareholder meeting was the future of the franchise. In this sense, according to CEO Andrew Wilson, Battlefield should be seen as a live service title.

At the conference, one of the shareholders asked whether the Battlefield franchise will return to regular publication in the future, with a new title every two years, as was the case in the past. In this regard, Wilson replies that while it is a "sensible proposal" and in a certain sense pursued by the company, at the same time he believes we should "think of Battlefield as a live service".

"What we are doing With the launch of this game (Battlefield 2042), it revolutionizes and reinvents what our full-scale war title represents in terms of gameplay. We also announced Battlefield Portal, which will engage users with self-made content for a long time. " Wilson added.

Battlefield 2042

The focus of the company is therefore to create a game ecosystem that is active 365 days a year and on all platforms, supported by regular and long-term updates. In addition, Wilson wants to expand this vision of live service in other areas as well, such as the mobile and free-to-play market.

We remind you that Battlefield 2042 will be available for PS5, PC, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and Xbox One starting October 21. EA recently announced PC system requirements for the beta and a limited testing phase.

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Battlefield Could Return To Every Other Year Release Schedule, Live Service Will Be A Focus

As part of EA's latest earnings call, the company discussed its plans for the Battlefield series, and this includes potentially returning it to an every-other-year release schedule while also focusing heavily on its live service elements.

CEO Andrew Wilson was asked if the Battlefield series would return its normal schedule of releasing a new major installment every other year, and Wilson replied (via SeekingAlpha), 'I would say, I think that is our orientation.'

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A two-year cycle was historically the model for Battlefield up until Battlefield 2042, which will be released three years after 2018's Battlefield V. Wilson previously said the extra year of development was meant to give the team at DICE the time it needs to really nail it.

'We have rallied that entire studio [DICE] around the development of Battlefield specifically. We've given them an extra year of development ... to ensure that they can, in fact, build a true next-gen vision around that game,' he said in 2020.

Going back to the latest earnings call, Wilson said the more important piece to the puzzle is that people should think of Battlefield as a live service franchise that grows and evolves over time. Battlefield 2042's new mash-up mode, Portal, is a big part of this effort, Wilson said, as it gives the community the tools to create their own content to keep the game fresh.

Wilson also teased Battlefield 2042's mysterious and unannounced Hazard Zone mode will play a part in the game's longevity. 'So while an every other year launch probably makes sense as we think about it today, we're really focused on 365-day engagement in the franchise at a platform level across any device that consumers may want to play on,' Wilson said.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen added that the publisher will have a lot more to say about Battlefield 2042's live service and in-game microtransaction model in the next couple of months.

'But trust that the team is working very hard on this, and they have some very unique ideas about what we can continue to do, what Andrew just said, to create this as a long-term interaction with our consumers versus simply selling a game this year,' he said. 'And we want to build a long-term relationship as we have with Battlefield users for a long time. Portal is a perfect example of how that works, and you'll see more of that and more details about that over the next couple of months.'

Battlefield 2042 launches in October, but there will be an open beta in September. Before that, you might be chosen for the game's technical alpha, which is kicking off soon.

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