DOOM, even more demons on Switch thanks to the collection

DOOM, even more demons on Switch thanks to the collection


Apparently a mammoth collection of video games from the DOOM saga, the famous hellish shooter that has accompanied FPS fans since 1993, is about to arrive on Nintendo Switch. The video game collection has been listed on some US retail sites such as Best Buy, and will likely be announced during tonight's Quakecon.

According to what has been leaked, the collection called Slayers Collection will arrive on Nintendo's hybrid console on September 2. The bundle, which has already arrived on PS4 and Xbox One in the past, will arrive on Switch with a small addition. The video games included in the collection are in fact the first DOOM, DOOM 2, DOOM 3, DOOM (2016) and, surprisingly, DOOM 64, a video game that, as the name suggests, was produced precisely for the Nintendo 64 console.

The collection, as can be seen from the titles, runs through the entire history of the saga from 1993 until a few years ago, when the concept was taken up by Bethesda. All the video games included in the collection, in fact, are already included individually in the Nintendo eShop, and some are even available in physical version. The latest video game released in the saga, Eternal, is still missing from the appeal, already miraculously present on the Nintendo Switch with its DLC thanks to the admirable porting work carried out by the Panic Button studios. The Slayers Collection will therefore be available in physical edition.

DOOM is one of those sagas that fans and players will never fail to support. For example, a mod has recently arrived that adds Duke Nukem, but it is also the developers themselves who invest time and passion in these projects: in these days John Romero, author of the very first video games of the saga and of Quake itself, is working on Sigil 2, sequel to an unofficial episode of the demonic shooter. We told you about it in this article.

If you have a Doom game on every console, it's time to switch to the physical format made of miniatures and cardboard: the Asmodee board game can be found on Amazon by following this link.

Doom Slayers Collection Listed For Switch

If you've been looking to add a comprehensive collection of classic and modern first-person shooters to your Switch library, then the Doom Slayers Collection looks like a good place to start. Listed on Best Buy ahead of an expected announcement at QuakeCon this week, the $50 collection includes the original Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, Doom 64, and 2016's reboot of the Doom franchise.

This isn't a new bundle, as The Doom Slayers Collection was previously released on Xbox and PlayStation consoles in 2019. As for Doom Eternal, Id Software still has plans to continue supporting the game with a Horde mode that will replace its initial plans for a multiplayer invasion mode.

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