Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things DLCs will no longer be on sale from November

Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things DLCs will no longer be on sale from November

Dead by Daylight

Behavior Interactive has announced that Dead by Daylight's Stranger Things DLCs will no longer be available for purchase starting November 17. Anyone who has already purchased the content inspired by the famous Netlix TV series will still be able to continue using it.

Stranger Things-themed paid content includes characters Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington and the fearsome Demogorgon, as well as a large number of skins. Similarly, the Undreground Complex themed map will also be removed on the same day, in this case also for all those who have already purchased the content.

Dead by Daylight players who do not have Stranger Things DLCs will be able to purchase characters with a 50% discount in the stores of their reference platform starting tomorrow, Wednesday 18 August, while the bundle that also includes a series of alternate costumes will be available at a 60% discount. As previously mentioned these contents will continue to be available even after November 17th if previously purchased.

Meanwhile Dead by Dayligth is preparing to welcome new contents and among these is the disturbing Pinhead from the Hellraiser series .

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Dead By Daylight’s ‘Stranger Things’ DLC Is Getting Delisted From The Game

Licensed characters appearing in games is kind of a huge deal right now. It seems like every other week there’s a new familiar face arriving in Fortnite and more and more we’re seeing other games follow suit and using pre-existing properties to pull in players. One such game is the popular multiplayer horror title Dead By Daylight, which has added nearly a dozen major horror movie monsters since revealing its Halloween/Michael Meyers collaboration back in 2016. However, the big problem with these games using licensed characters? Well, they’re not technically theirs.

Such is the problem Dead By Daylight is facing right now following what is presumably the expiration of their deal with Netflix’s Stranger Things. According to a post shared on the official Dead By Daylight blog earlier today, all Stranger Things-related content is being removed from the game’s store on November 17, 2021. This announcement comes merely two years after the Stranger Things Chapter was added to the game back in September 2019, and perhaps more importantly, raises some concerns as to what other licenses are set to expire and what that means for these big, license-heavy games. While we might not have any answers to those looming problems yet, we do have a few more details on just what’s going on with the Stranger Things DLC for those who have already purchased it or were planning to.

According to Dead By Daylight developers Behavior Interactive, all players who purchase the Stranger Things Chapter or any of its individual contents prior to November 17 will still have access to all three playable characters (the Demogorgon, Steve Harrington, and Nancy Wheeler) following the chapter’s removal. The only part of the Stranger Things collection being officially removed from the game is the Hawkins National Laboratory map, which is scheduled to be retired the same day the DLC is taken down from the store.

Despite the characters remaining, however, it does seem very likely that their names will be changed following November 17. In a tweet made by the Dead By Daylight official Twitter, the developers stated some of the Stranger Things-related perks will soon be getting new, generic names in order for players to still use them. Based on this news, it seems likely that could extend to our heroes as well.

As of right now, all of Dead By Daylight’s Stranger Things DLC is on sale for between 50-60% off with the character sale scheduled to last until November 17 and the costume sale running until September 8. While there’s no telling what all this news means for Dead By Daylight‘s other licensed properties in the future, if you’re still interested in this one it sure looks like now is your final chance to grab it.