Compact smartphones | Best of August 2021

Compact smartphones | Best of August 2021

Updated in August 2021

In the years in which the so-called "frying pans" are increasingly taking hold among smartphones, it is always very difficult to find devices capable of offering valid performance within more compact and sized bodies considered by many to be more manageable. While many users are looking for devices characterized by the presence of very large displays on which to play, write, view multimedia content or make videos, on the other hand we find users who prefer to give up a few inches in favor of comfort and user experience.

In our guide we have tried to bring back the most interesting smartphones of the moment, characterized by a not too exaggerated display diagonal.

We have identified some specific categories, from our point of view, those most sought after by users, and a specific smartphone is proposed for each of them, which at the moment differs from all the others for its compactness.

How to choose a compact smartphone

It is not so easy to find, nowadays, valid smartphones characterized by small dimensions. The trend of manufacturers is to meet the needs of certain markets, where users demand ever larger displays. All this, however, often goes to the detriment of ergonomics, with devices that are increasingly difficult to use with one hand, to be inserted in the trouser pocket, in short, uncomfortable to carry with you in everyday life.

In order to be able to offer you a wide choice, we have identified six categories to be included in our guide. As you will see, through this approach, we have managed to point out the best compact smartphones on the market. After all, there are really many users who increasingly say that they prefer a product with small dimensions which, however, does not give up anything (or almost) on the performance side.

Obviously, for each category, we have selected a model of smartphone which, from our point of view, represents at that moment the best for that particular segment.

Here are our categories:

The most compact iOS smartphone The alternative to iOS The best top compact Android range The outsider The compact with the stylus The most compact folding