Chevrolet Corvette, new sightings of the Z06 version

Chevrolet Corvette, new sightings of the Z06 version

Chevrolet Corvette

After the embarrassment of diesel-style dashboards, Chevrolet is back to getting serious with its flagship model. These days the test version of the Z06 model, a classic of the Corvette series, was photographed again. It was, with many other cars, on the German Nurburgring circuit which is now the fixed stop for all manufacturers when it comes to testing the new models. In the following images, you can see that we are now close to the arrival of the definitive car given the absence of too showy covers on the bodywork.

The photos confirm, if still needed, that the Corvette Z06 will have everything a series of new racing-style aerodynamic appendages. It starts from the front with a showy splitter and larger air intakes, running along the sides to get to the main dish. A spoiler that takes up the profile of the carrazzeria dominates the rear and will probably be the symbolic element of the car. On the other hand, nothing is known about the interior, which should not change much compared to the current model.

Remember that, compared to the old Z06 versions, this one will not be supercharged but will use the same 5.5-liter V8 engine of the C8R racing model that debuted at the 24 Hours of Daytona. The maximum rpm limit is expected to rise up to 9000, thus increasing the performance of the car with a system that is as classic as it is traditional. Of course, other changes to the mechanics and chassis are planned, starting with the transmission (reinforced to support the increased power).

On the price side, given the origin from the racing world and the news on the first version, it is unlikely that they will be below 100,000 Dollars. But, if confirmed, it is still a lower sum than many European supercars and still represents the first advantage of the Corvette over its competitors. The proof is that even in the current market plagued by a shortage of components, lots of them are being sold (overseas of course). So many that, according to the parent company, the new models do not remain in the showroom more than seven days after their arrival.

Our Best Look Yet at the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

a close up of a toy car in a parking lot: Breaking: With minimal camouflage, the C8 Z06 reveals its reported optional active aero and carbon-fiber wheels. © spiedbilde/Brian Williams Breaking: With minimal camouflage, the C8 Z06 reveals its reported optional active aero and carbon-fiber wheels.

The upcoming C8-generation Corvette Z06 is expected to be headlined by a flat-plane-crank DOHC V-8 based on the engine in the C8.R racing car, but the fastest and most track-focused C8 yet will also feature some pretty aggressive new aerodynamic options. A report last Summer indicated those would include an active splitter and rear wing. New spy shots of a Z06 apparently testing near the Nürburgring with minimal camouflage appear to show those elements in action.

a car parked on the side of a road: 2023 corvette z06 prototype spied © spiedbilde/Brian Williams 2023 corvette z06 prototype spied

The aggressive rear wing jumps out immediately. While previous-generation Z06s were available with optional aerodynamic elements as part of the Z07 Performance package, the body-shaped rear wing spotted on this particular C8 is a new benchmark for serious downforce generation from the factory. Reports indicate that this will be an active piece, something also expected from the aggressive front splitter and dive planes.

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The model being tested also appears to show carbon fiber wheels, another expected option for the Z07 package. The wheels are a relatively new industry benchmark, one that greatly reduces unsprung weight while also reducing some road noise.

GM previously revealed that the C8 Z06 would be revealed later this fall, but it will likely be sold as a 2023 model-year vehicle. If the previous-generation Z06 is any indication, it should be priced around $85,000.

When it is eventually revealed, its unique sounds will be among its most distinguishing features. The first teaser trailer for the car included some onboard footage, revealing what may be the most exotic-sounding car available for under $300,000 right now. Roadside clips of the car's launch control systems we shared back in May give an even better glimpse. That noise comes thanks to a rumored 617-hp naturally aspirated engine, a number that dwarfs the 500 horsepower the motor is estimated to make in the championship-winning C8.R racer.

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