Bird scooters, for a safer community

Bird scooters, for a safer community

Bird scooters

Bird is constantly working to offer a better, more complete and safe service with shared scooters and, for this reason, has decided to present two important and safe innovations for pedestrians and users who use the service.

This is the new initiative "Please raise me up!" and the establishment of new areas called Community Safety Zones. In the first case, the company is committed to the development of new solutions, including the rollover detection technology and the anti-rollover kickstand, which help in preventing the fall of the scooters that are left (intentionally or unintentionally) supported. on the ground.

In order to discourage the behavior of malicious people who cause the scooters to overturn, Bird has inserted the message “Please get me up” on the lower part of the skirting board of the vehicle. Precisely for this reason, the company has developed a special reporting tool: Community members who notice a badly parked or damaged Bird vehicle can report it directly to the company via the appropriate app.

In the second case, the company is collaborating with several cities in order to extend its network of geo-referential slowdown zones; scooters crossing Community Safety Zones will automatically reduce their transit speed to 13 km / h, and will communicate the reason for the slowdown via an in-app message.

These areas will be clearly visible on the service map in the Bird app, allowing users to plan their routes accordingly; moreover, they highlight a key advantage offered by micro-mobility services, namely the possibility of self-imposing speed and parking restrictions. The new Community Safety Zones will be tested in Miami Marseille and Madrid, based on the results Bird will implement these areas by expanding the program.

Bird tests geofencing system to slow scooters in pedestrian-heavy areas

The next time you rent a Bird scooter, don’t try speeding past a school or any other area with a lot of pedestrians. The company has introduced Community Safety Zones, a feature that uses geofencing to cap the speeds of its scooters in certain areas automatically.

When traveling through a Community Safety Zone, the company’s scooters won’t go faster than 8 miles per hour. You’ll see the zones mapped out in the Bird app, and the software will display a message when you enter one to explain why your vehicle is slowing down.

The company is piloting the feature in Miami, Marseille and Madrid. Over the coming weeks, Bird says it will work with public officials to implement the geofenced zones in all of the more than 250 cities where it operates globally. Initially, the zones will center on schools, though they could also include areas around parks and shopping malls in the future.

Community Safety Zones represent part of an ongoing safety push from Bird. In July, the company introduced Safe Start, which prompts users to type in a keyword when they want to rent a scooter between 10PM and 4AM local time. Bird is using Safe Start to verify whether a potential customer is sober enough to handle one of its vehicles.